Co-op and Work-Term Reports

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Work Term and PD Requirements:

A minimum of five satisfactory or better work terms is required to graduate. You are also required to take five professional development (PD) courses as follows:

  • PD 19
  • PD 20
  • PD 11
  • 2 elective PD courses

You will be automatically enrolled in PD 19 and PD 20 during the first two work terms. For the remaining work terms, you will need to enrol in a PD course through Quest.

Ethics Milestone

The program has an ethics milestone that can be satisfied by taking PD 22 as a PD elective. Alternatively, the milestone can be satisfied by taking PHIL 215 as a CSE. In recent years, nearly all students (more than 98%) opted to take PD 22.

Technical Work-term Reports

Two technical work-term reports are required. The first is completed as part of PD 11. The second is submitted to the department the 2nd Monday of your 4A term through the CHE 450 Technical Work-term Report course.

The report you submit for CHE 450 must be different from the report submitted for PD 11. The format and requirements for the CHE 450 report align with what is taught in PD 11. Consult the following resources as you prepare your report:

As always, help with your writing is available through the Writing and Communication Centre and you are encouraged to contact the Centre for advice and feedback on your report.

If you have any questions about work term reports, please contact the department undergraduate office by email.