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WatPD Engineering

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Welcome to WatPD-Engineering

Employers demand skilled workers; choosing Engineering at Waterloo is a great start to developing specialized skills. An engineering degree qualifies job seekers for a variety of jobs, but other skills like communication, ethics, and problem solving support long-term career success. WatPD-Engineering provides Waterloo Engineering students with the opportunity and support needed to develop these foundational workplace skills as part of their co-op experience.

Program Content

This online academic program includes core courses designed to include skills specific to engineering workplaces and elective courses that address skills required for success in any field. Students generally complete one ten-week Professional Development (PD) course per work term, with each course requiring two to three hours of time per week. Please visit WatPD-Engineering Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

Program Requirements

Since WatPD-Engineering is an integrated part of Engineering at Waterloo, WatPD-Engineering program requirements must be met in order to earn your degree. Students must earn a total of five PD credits. For more information about program requirements and individual PD courses, please see Program Information.  

Please contact us with any questions or comments about your WatPD-Engineering experience.

Program Objectives

To enhance the overall integrated work-learning experience for Waterloo Engineering students by:

• providing engaging and relevant online courses to help students improve their employability and workplace productivity

• encouraging critical reflection on personal growth of academic and professional skills while in a context close to the engineering workplace