Flexible, Course-based ChE MEng

Tailor your ChE MEng for you, your career goals and your job market

Use the ChE Master of Engineering (MEng) program to meet your career goals with a one-year course-based master’s degree. It is ideal for recent graduates and seasoned professionals who want to enhance their engineering career potential.

Your situation is unique, and this program offers flexibility to meet your needs – on your schedule. Advance your education part time while maintaining your career path, or dedicate yourself to full-time study. Complete your advanced training by taking 8.5 graduate level courses in three to six terms, depending on if you choose to study part or full time. Get back to work at a whole new level.

Broaden your range. Increase your depth.

Exceptional instructors with experience in a broad range of industries will help you acquire a deeper understanding of the chemical engineering fundamentals and specialties you need to move ahead.

The advantages of the MEng program extend far past the course work.

Widen your network of professional contacts by getting to know your classmates – many of whom are successful early- and mid-career professionals from around the world. Learn from instructors and lecturers with engineering experience and contacts in many different industrial sectors.

Take advantage of career-focused programs to improve your soft skills. Gain technical knowledge that sets you apart in today’s job market. Future-proof your career.

Set your own course

Choose your direction from a wide range of practical courses taught by experienced instructors with first-hand knowledge of industry gained from employment, entrepreneurship and research partnerships.

Want to be a nimble generalist, able to step into a job and adapt on the fly? Want to be a specialist with the deep skills get right down to business in an area of interest? Customize your education from a selection of comprehensive courses to help you meet your goals.

Follow our lead

Alternatively, take a pre-determined set of focused courses and, upon graduation, prove your in-depth knowledge with one of four specializations on your degree. The courses you take towards your MEng Specialization are counted towards your degree requirements, so no extra courses are needed.

Choose from these four MEng Specializations: Biological Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Entrepreneurship  and Process Systems Engineering.

ChE Specializations

In the Department of Chemical Engineering, specializations are optional. Consider taking a specialization if the topic excites you and the specialist notation on your diploma would support your career aspirations.

As you consider how Waterloo’s MEng in Chemical Engineering could enhance your career, consult the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar for detailed information about the degree, and reach out to our Graduate Studies team if you have specific questions. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances.