Michael Pope

Michael Pope
Associate Professor
Location: QNC 5606
Phone: 519-888-4567 x30153


Michael Pope is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. His research group, the 2D Materials and Electrochemical Devices Lab, focuses on improving the production and processing of various 2D nanomaterials with the aim of developing higher performance electrochemical devices and composites. Professor Pope has made significant contributions to the understanding of electrochemical mechanisms involving graphene and has developed various self-assembly strategies to process electrodes for improved high voltage graphene-based supercapacitors, Li-S batteries and electrochemical sensors.

Research Interests

  • Graphene Production and Post-processing Techniques
  • Directed Assembly of 2D Nanomaterials at the Air-Water interface
  • Bottom-up Assembly Approaches for Energy Storage
  • Sensing and Electrocatalysis
  • Connectivity and Internet of Things
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology
  • IoT
  • Devices


  • 2013, Doctorate Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, USA
  • 2009, Master of Arts Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, USA
  • 2007, Bachelor of Applied Science Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, McMaster University, Ontario


  • CHE 231 - Physical Chemistry 2
    • Taught in 2020
  • CHE 331 - Electrochemical Engineering
    • Taught in 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • NE 352 - Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Taught in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • NE 496 - Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Systems
    • Taught in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
  • NE 499 - Special Topics in Nanostructured Materials
    • Taught in 2019

* Only courses taught in the past 5 years are displayed.

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Chen, Jialu and Walker, Wesley R and Xu, Luzhu and Krysiak, Olga and She, Zimin and Pope, Michael A, Intrinsic Capacitance of Molybdenum Disulfide, ACS nano, 5636, 2020
  • Wen, Guobin and Rehman, Sarish and Tranter, Tom G and Ghosh, Debasis and Chen, Zhongwei and Gostick, Jeff T and Pope, Michael A, Insights into multiphase reactions during self-discharge of Li-S batteries, Chemistry of Materials, , 2020
  • Hawes, Gillian F and Rehman, Sarish and Pope, Michael A, Rapid Prototyping of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Based on 2D Materials, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, , 2020
  • Dosi, Manan and Lau, Irene and Zhuang, Yichen and Simakov, David SA and Fowler, Michael W and Pope, Michael A, Ultrasensitive electrochemical methane sensors based on solid polymer electrolyte-infused laser-induced graphene, ACS applied materials \\& interfaces, 6166, 2019
  • Hawes, Gillian F and Yilman, Dilara and Noremberg, Bruno S and Pope, Michael A, Supercapacitors Fabricated via Laser-Induced Carbonization of Biomass-Derived Poly (furfuryl alcohol)/Graphene Oxide Composites, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6312, 2019
  • Xu, Luzhu and Tetreault, Adam R and Pope, Michael A, Chemical Insights into the Rapid, Light-Induced Auto-Oxidation of Molybdenum Disulfide Aqueous Dispersions, Chemistry of Materials, 148, 2019
  • Ghosh, Debasis and Gad, Mariam and Lau, Irene and Pope, Michael A, Trapping and Redistribution of Hydrophobic Sulfur Sols in Graphene--Polyethyleneimine Networks for Stable Li--S Cathodes, Advanced Energy Materials, 1801979, 2018
  • Xu, Luzhu and Tetreault, Adam R and Khaligh, Hadi H and Goldthorpe, Irene A and Wettig, Shawn D and Pope, Michael A, Continuous Langmuir--Blodgett Deposition and Transfer by Controlled Edge-to-Edge Assembly of Floating 2D Materials, Langmuir, 51, 2018

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