Hazards and Lab Inspections

Hazard Reporting

Incident and Investigation Reporting

  • An “Incident” is any occurrence which was not planned (negative experimental results do not count!)

  • All incidents must be immediately reported as described in the University of Waterloo Safety Office (UWSO) procedure

  • All incidents must be investigated by the Supervisor and an Incident Investigation Report completed as described by the UWSO

  • Read the Incident and Hazard Reporting webpage described by the UWSO

  • For your benefit in case of injury and helps to prevent propagation of bad lab practice and reoccurrence of Incidents, with “Corrective Actions” applied

Lab Safety Inspections

  • Conducted each term by Dept. Lab Safety Groups and the Safety Coordinator

  • To be conducted monthly by Lab Supervisor

  • Reviewed annually by University of Waterloo Joint Committee

  • Results reviewed by Dept. Safety Committee

  • Findings are to be corrected RIGHT AWAY!!

  • Any unsafe operation may result in a LAB SHUTDOWN until the problem is resolved!!

  • In short, WORK SAFE, GO HOME SAFE.