Polymer science and engineering

Xianshe Feng

Separation technologies; hollow fibers; synthetic membranes and membrane processes; membrane-based contactors and reactors; adsorption separation.

Michael Fowler

Design and testing of fuel cells and associated materials; reliability modeling; 'green energy'; hydrogen energy systems; environmental management, conductive polymer blends.

Frank Gu

Development of self-assembled polymeric nanoparticles for the delivery of conventional small molecule therapeutic agents. Our technology aims to improve the therapeutic index of currently available drugs by optimizing their efficacy and toxicity, and to improve the solubility and stability of drug entities that have been stalled in preclinical trials because of suboptimal biochemical properties. Also specialize in designing and optimizing the processes in nanoparticle manufacturing, which include particle formation, collection, drying and sterilization.

Yuning Li

Printable nanoparticle-based semiconductors and conductors; p-type, n-type, and ambipolar organic and polymeric semiconductors; Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs); organic photovoltaics (solar cells, photodetectors, etc.); Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs); nanophase separation; nanocomposites.

Neil McManus

Free radical polymerization kinetics to produce tailor made polymers; chemical modification of polymers.

Alexander Penlidis

Polymerization kinetics; mathematical modelling and computer simulation of polymer reactors; on-line sensor development for polymer and latex characterization; polymer reactor design; optimization and computer control; bulk, solution, emulsion and suspension polymerization.

Garry L. Rempel

Catalysis; polymer science; environmental and pollution control.

Leonardo Simon

Correlation of synthesis-structure properties of polymers; development of polymer nanocomposites; mathematical modeling of polymerization mechanisms.

Michael K.C. Tam

Nano-structured systems from templating process; enhanced drug delivery systems; Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP); stimuli responsive polymeric systems; polymer-surfactant interactions; associative polymers for environmentally friendly coatings; magnetic nanoparticles for novel separation processes.

Costas Tzoganakis

Polymer processing and rheology; chemical modification of polymers by reactive extrusion; mathematical modelling and computer simulation of polymer processing operations.

Aiping Yu

Synthesis of novel nanostructured materials for energy storage, such as supercapacitor and battery; study and model the long time durability of these devices; engineering the interface of filler materials for multi-functional polymer composites.

Boxin Zhao

Biomimetic micro/nano-technology; adhension, surface forces and contact dynamics; polymers, interfacial phenomena and surface chemistry; pulp and paper science and engineering.