Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Research interests

Polymer supramolecular chemistry for functional (nano)materials, including metal containing monomers and building blocks synthesis; polymer and organometallic molecules self-assembly; and material applications for the resulting supramolecular materials, e.g. catalysts, electronic devices, sensors etc.

Research projects

Solution self-assembly of block copolymers explored as a technique for the synthesis of supramolecular functional nanomaterials. Created a number of defined block copolymer supramolecular hybrid nanomaterials with either enhanced, structure-correlated functions or novel properties. Focus on the synthesis and self-assembly of metallo-block copolymers in an attempt to bring the functions of metal elements such as optical, electronic, catalytic, redox, etc. into supramolecular nanostructures for their potential applications in nanotechnology.

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