International Education Week

International Education Week

Every year, education institutions, governments, and not-for-profits join together to celebrate international education around the world for one impactful week. Please join the University of Waterloo from November 20-24, 2023 in celebrating the ways in which internationalization enriches our learning, research, and community work.

This week serves as a great opportunity to recognize and to promote the value of international education, broadly defined.  Here at Waterloo International, we encourage all to reflect upon the impact that their own internationalization activities – and those of others – serve to advance understanding and build community.  We also encourage sharing – offering events to others, and attending events hosted by others - during International Education Week.

 To advance that, Waterloo International is leading two initiatives for International Education Week:

  1. Promote your International Education Week activities in the following ways:
    • Add your event to the International Education Week calendar of events.
    • Let us amplify your plans through our broad communication channels.
    • Discuss other ideas for promotion of your unique events and audiences.

If you would like your event to be listed as part of International Education Week in this way, or are interested in more information, please fill out our online form or email

  1. We will provide up to five grants of up to $200 each that serve to celebrate and/or to advance internationalization at the University of Waterloo in some way.  The deadline is noon on Friday October 20, 2023.   More information may be found here.

Please join the University of Waterloo community later in November to celebrate internationalization in its many forms! If you have any questions or comments about any aspect of International Education Week, please contact Aisha Shibli at Waterloo International (  And, in the meantime, please enjoy some of these highlights from the previous years' International Education Week (below).

Photo collage of IEW 2022 events