Administrative systems, service and delivery


Enhance support for the campus community

Theme co-leads

  • Corrine Krauss, Finance
  • Greg Smith, Information Systems & Technology

  • Fred Zhu, Faculty of Engineering


  1. Create a purposeful, consultative, and coordinated roadmap for its information systems environment and plan for its evolution over the next 5 years. This initiative should include direction for major systems, departmental or other local applications, an overall architecture, support for important cross-domain processes, continuous improvement support, financial considerations and usability.
  2. Adopt a holistic approach to planning and budgeting across the portfolio in order to better align resources and the impact on the community.
  3. Provide for an increased focus on collecting stakeholder input regarding the user experience and needs.
  4. Improve on the integration needed at the process, data and technical layers.
  5. Emphasize sustainability in the initial proposal stage and execution of implementations and also post-go-live priorities, leveraging new platform or system features and the ability to more rapidly adapt to changing process or business needs.
  6. Consider specific areas of opportunity, including a more comprehensive portal and new services in content/web management.
  7. Consider the optimal method for selecting and provisioning systems, whether locally developed or externally acquired, based on total cost, usability, sustainability, fit to requirements, opportunities for innovation and common versus differentiating services.
  8. Conduct a thorough review of implementation experiences, including benefits realized and any challenges with the process and outcome.