Research computing


Advance learning and research​

Theme co-leads

  • Bill McIlroy, Faculty of Health
  • Vincent Gaudet​, Faculty of Engineering


  1. Provide a unified, complimentary and coordinated capability of core services that apply across the institution for all faculties and researchers, for storage, software, servers, as well as consulting or advisory services in areas such as data management plans and system or software acquisitions.
  2. Utilize, wherever possible, a ‘one-stop approach’ for delivery and support for the enduser. This could include a re-imagined web presence for researcher support and services.
  3. Leverage faculty IT systems and expertise and preserve the local IT and research(er) support relationship
  4. Support a sustainable approach to provisioning research initiatives which acknowledges longer than anticipated lifecycles and the need to maximize initial funding.
  5. Support the needed emphasis and practices regarding security and compliance directives for data management.
  6. Investigate specific areas and mechanisms by which faculty might better participate in IT activity.