Teaching & Learning


Advance learning and research​

Theme co-leads

  • David DeVidi, Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic
  • Pam Fluttert, Information Systems & Technology

  • Robert Park, Faculty of Arts


  1. Adopt a more strategic approach through the development of an overall plan, strategy and governance, for the educational technology ecosystem. Further, that the campus resource and commit to more consistent, reliable and well-defined funding and support for classroom and education technologies.
  2. Provide improved mechanisms for content and delivery to be shared more efficiently for all modes of course delivery.
  3. Ensure a more robust classroom support model which allows instructors to focus on advancing the teaching practice and not basic services.
  4. Align infrastructure and support for classroom technologies with the new classroom steering and operations committees and overall planning for classroom upgrades and new spaces.
  5. Ensure greater engagement with users and that decisions are made with the student lens and experience in mind, while also ensuring efficiency and effectiveness for instructors.
  6. Review the educational technology ecosystem in order to identify gaps, build a sustainable and well understood and tiered support model, establish a funding protocol and framework and hub for technologies under investigation, being piloted or in a production mode.