AccessAbility Issues regarding alternative delivery and assessments

As you plan alternatives for delivering instruction, content, and for assessments, it is important to ensure that students still have access to their accommodations. Here are a few tips about how to plan around this, and how to help AccessAbility Services (AAS) help you and your students in more complicated situations.

Note: The cancelation of in-person tests applies to tests facilitated by AAS.

  • As you identify how your course content and evaluations will be delivered, consider what is essential about course activities, and what engagement with material is necessary to the learning objectives. Such information is critical as AAS helps you and the student consider what accommodations are required, and what can easily be accommodated.
  • Identify the accommodation needs of your students. You will have been emailed a Faculty Notification Letter by AAS if a student requested a classroom or testing accommodation in your course. If you have lost the emails, you can access a student list for each of your courses through the Faculty Module via AAS’ online system. The Faculty Module allows you to:
    • Gain access to an online dashboard that displays a listing of your students and their academic accommodations for each of your courses.
    • Have up to-date access to accommodation requests. This is important as a student’s eligibility may change as a result of changes to the learning environment. An Accommodation Consultant will contact you directly if this impacts you.
    • Easily navigate between sections and courses using the Advanced Search Panel option.
    • Search and export a list of students based on accommodation eligibility, such as students eligible for extra time. You can search based on extra time accommodations, such as: Extra time: 5, 10, 15 minutes per hour, etc.
    • Submit and make changes to the Alternative Testing agreement to inform us of your changes to your evaluation methods so we can best support students.
  • How to make online tests accessible
    • If you decide to hold a test in LEARN, you may need to adjust the student’s time allotment to reflect their approved time extension. Please see Special Access in a Quiz on the LEARN Help website for instructions. If you encounter any issues putting these accommodations in place, please email LEARNHelp 
    • Rather than individual adjustments, you many want to consider applying a Universal Learning Design approach, such as providing double-time for all students. This would meet and exceed any additional time accommodation requirements and may be appropriate if timed assessments are not essential to your course.
    • For online evaluations in LEARN, the following testing accommodations will likely not require you to take any further action, as they would fall to the responsibility of the student to facilitate: noise cancelling headphones; spell-only dictionary; individual testing room; MS Word; adjustable table; full spectrum lighting.

There are students with accommodations that may be impacted by an online evaluation environment (e.g., students who require a scribe, or alternative format of course materials). In these situations, AAS will contact the course instructors to determine a plan for these accommodations.