Community Update: Final Findings and Continuity

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
by Meg Ronson
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After over 18-months of hard work, the Legacy Leadership Lab will conclude its first iteration as a leader in social acquisition research and design at the end of April.

The live-translated Final Findings webinar on Thursday April 15 from 11am to 12:30pm will gather everyone for one last event, share back the results of the project, and present the future pathways that the community has chosen to pursue. There are 93 spots available to reserve in the Zoom meeting, and if there are overflow registrants, we will initiate a livestream on Facebook as well.

We designed prior L3 events to be interactive, collaborative, and co-creative, but the Final Findings Webinar will focus on informing and getting feedback. It will share what has happened at the Lab, what it means, and what we should do next if we want Canada to be able to transition its essential small business assets into social and cooperative enterprises. Anyone from L3 community members who have been around since the beginning all the way to folks newly arrived in the social finance, innovation and economy sectors are all welcome!

What action items are available to you as L3 winds down its major IRP-funded project?

  • To review the community’s priorities and contribute your voice to what the social acquisition system needs in Canada, visit this Participatory Budgeting survey. You will be able to choose between a 1-minute option or a long-form 10-minute option once there.
  • As mentioned, to learn what L3 has accomplished and uncovered, and where the social acquisition efforts will go next, register for and attend the Final Findings webinar on April 15 from 11am to 12:30pm EDT.
  • To request that L3 produce more tailored resources like powerpoints, briefs, social media content, or other messaging that you can then deliver or co-deliver to a specific audience, click here to fill out the activation resources form.

About Legacy Leadership Lab (L3)

L3 is an 18-month initiative by the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience, funded by the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness program. We are leading online workshops and events to help build expert-driven solutions for Canada’s transitioning small business community. The L3 Community is developing and activating market interventions and prototypes that allow conventional and social finance players, business service providers, and community leaders to facilitate social acquisitions of existing businesses in their own towns and contexts.

About Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR)

WISIR is a research institute at the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise and Development committed to generating trans- and inter-disciplinary knowledge about social innovations and the social innovation process (the dynamics of learning, adaptation and resilience). Our approach is to pursue collaborative research and projects that bridge University of Waterloo departments, involve researchers from around the world, and engage those beyond academia. We seek to mobilize this knowledge through a range of new curriculum offerings and training opportunities - both within and outside of a university setting.