Master of Public Service Association


The Master of Public Service Association (MPSA) was created to foster a sense of community amongst graduate student members. The MPSA:

  • shares ideas and discusses matters related to the program
  • assists with research for potential MPS student placements
  • hosts events for current and prospective MPS students
  • promotes public service within UW

MPSA Constitution

2021-2022 Executive 

MPSA 21-22

President: Julia Selwood
Vice-President: Sakshi Mehta
Director of Finance: Ester Dubali
Director of Administration: Jeremy Ernest
Director of Marketing and Communications: Allan Pour 
Director of Academic Affairs: Hana Aria
Director of Social Affairs: Amandeep Singh

2020-2021 Executive 

MPSA of 2020

<--break->President: Angelo Serrentino
Vice-President: Meaghan Smith
Directors of Finance: Gigi Chan and Tristan Bauer
Director of Administration: Payne Sproul
Director of Marketing and Communications: Myra Abedi
Director of Academic Affairs: Alexandra Taylor
Director of Social Affairs: Piraveen Sasikumar

2019 - 2020 Executive 

MPSA Class of 2021

President - Nick Johnston
Vice President - Akwasi Achireko
Director of Finance - Lauren Li
Director of Marketing - Jonathan Caithesan
Director of Administration - Susanna Wright
Director of Social Affairs - Kristina Jevremovic
Director of Academic Affairs - Sarah McMaster

2018 - 2019 Executive 

MPSA 2018-2019

President - Julianna Mutch
Vice President - Hariharan Kukenthiran
Director of Finance - Mahrukh Latif
Director of Marketing - Emma Kaplan
Director of Administration - Kayla Carleton
Director of Social Affairs - Lauren Rigby
Director of Academic Affairs - Aisha Aaz

2017 - 2018 Executive 

professional photo of class of 2017 - 2018 MPSA

Genelle Martin, President
Heather Massie, Vice President
Harleen Kahlon, Director of Academic Affairs
Raquel Damiao, Director of Administration
Anushiya Kumarakulasingam, Director of Finance
Melvin Christopher, Director of Social Affairs

2016 - 2017 Executive 

professional head shot of MPSA 2016 to 2017

President: Jean-Claude Mutuku
Vice President: Sonal Patel 
Director of Academic Affairs: Jillian Fernandez
Director of Administration: Paraniya Balakumar
​Director of Finance: Mohib Alam
Director of Social Affairs: Shikha Sudhir 

2015 - 2016 Executive

MPSA 2016 -2017

President: Christina Ajithkumar
Vice President: Naureen Khan
Director of Academic Affairs: Sami Elfar
Director of Administration: Emma Bonanno
​Director of Finance: Madiha Javed
Director of Social Affairs: Zuhair Zaidi

2014 - 2015 Executive

group shot of 2014 MPSA members

President: Carleigh Jackson
Vice President: Erin Dessau
Director of Academic Affairs: Supriya Hooda
​Director of Administration: Jordan Hughes
Director of Finance: Trevor Anderson
Director of Social Affairs: Jessica Won

2013 - 2014 Executive

MPSA 2013 - 2014

President: Julian Greer
Vice President: Emmanuel Dowuona
Director of Academic Affairs: Mathura Karunanithy
Director of Administration: Diedre Beintema
Director of Finance: Shiffat Ahmed
Director of Social Affairs: Colin Boland

2012 - 2013 Executive

2012 -2013 exec

President: Jeffrey Bunn
Director of Academic Affairs: Irfan Gova
Director of Administration: Sasha Afzal
Director of Finance: Ashish Sharma
Director of Social Affairs: Lee Chandler

2011 - 2012 Executive

2011 -2012 MPSA

President: Keith Chau
Vice-President: Cohen Langerak
Director of Academic Affairs: Jennifer Cao
Director of Administration: Sinan Mohatarem
Director of Finance: Amisha Patel
Director of Social Affairs: Jessica Low

2010 - 2011 Executive

President: Matthew Johnson
Vice-President: Stefanie Lake
Director of Administration: Kayla McKinnon
Director of Finance: Amy Ross
Director of Social Affairs: Ben Schnitzer

Meet your 21-22 MPSA!

<--break->President: Julia Selwood

Vice-President: Sakshi Mehta

Directors of Finance: Ester Dubali 

Director of Administration: Jeremy Ernest

Director of Marketing and Communications: Allan Pour 

Director of Academic Affairs: Hana Aria

Director of Social Affairs: Amandeep Singh