Master of Public Service Association


The Master of Public Service Association (MPSA) was created to foster a sense of community amongst graduate student members. The MPSA:

  • shares ideas and discusses matters related to the program
  • assists with research for potential MPS student placements
  • hosts events for current and prospective MPS students
  • promotes public service within UW

MPSA Constitution

2016 - 2017 Executive 

professional head shot of MPSA 2016 to 2017

President: Jean-Claude Mutuku
Vice President: Sonal Patel 
Director of Academic Affairs: Jillian Fernandez
Director of Administration: Paraniya Balakumar
​Director of Finance: Mohib Alam
Director of Social Affairs: Shikha Sudhir 

2015 - 2016 Executive

MPSA 2016 -2017

President: Christina Ajithkumar
Vice President: Naureen Khan
Director of Academic Affairs: Sami Elfar
Director of Administration: Emma Bonanno
​Director of Finance: Madiha Javed
Director of Social Affairs: Zuhair Zaidi

2014 - 2015 Executive

group shot of 2014 MPSA members

President: Carleigh Jackson
Vice President: Erin Dessau
Director of Academic Affairs: Supriya Hooda
​Director of Administration: Jordan Hughes
Director of Finance: Trevor Anderson
Director of Social Affairs: Jessica Won

2013 - 2014 Executive

MPSA 2013 - 2014

President: Julian Greer
Vice President: Emmanuel Dowuona
Director of Academic Affairs: Mathura Karunanithy
Director of Administration: Diedre Beintema
Director of Finance: Shiffat Ahmed
Director of Social Affairs: Colin Boland

2012 - 2013 Executive

2012 -2013 exec

President: Jeffrey Bunn
Director of Academic Affairs: Irfan Gova
Director of Administration: Sasha Afzal
Director of Finance: Ashish Sharma
Director of Social Affairs: Lee Chandler

2011 - 2012 Executive

2011 -2012 MPSA

President: Keith Chau
Vice-President: Cohen Langerak
Director of Academic Affairs: Jennifer Cao
Director of Administration: Sinan Mohatarem
Director of Finance: Amisha Patel
Director of Social Affairs: Jessica Low

2010 - 2011 Executive

President: Matthew Johnson
Vice-President: Stefanie Lake
Director of Administration: Kayla McKinnon
Director of Finance: Amy Ross
Director of Social Affairs: Ben Schnitzer

Meet your 16-17 MPSA!

Jean-Claude Mutuku, President, 2016-2017

Sonal Patel, Vice President,  2016-2017

Jillian Fernandez, Director of Academic Affairs, 2016-2017

Paraniya Balakumar, Director of Administration, 2016-2017

Mohib Alam, Director of Finance, 2016-2017

Shikha Sudhir, Director of Social Affairs, 2016-2017