Our purpose

Provide IT-related strategy, applications, infrastructure, and support services to the MME Department.

Ensures that leading-edge technology is readily accessible to faculty and students to compliment their teaching and learning experience.

What we do

MME - IT is an academic-support department within the Faculty of Engineering which provides:

  • Planning, development and implementation of Research units with all their servers, computers, software and storage needs.
  • Support and co-ordination of information technology support staff activities in the Academic Departments of the faculty.
  • Support to the Faculty in activities related to their teaching, communications and computer needs.
  • Specialized laboratory environments, software, and support for courses and course development using computer and communications technologies.

For any request please create a ticket by sending an email address: mmehelpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or to MME JIRA Portal  and for request related to Mme studio portal mmestudio@uwaterloo.ca or to MME Studio JIRA Portal