Engineering 7 (E7) building classrooms

Picture of the inside of Building E7

The classrooms in E7 3343 and 3353 operate exactly the same way.

  1. Obtaining a new fob: Please pick up a new fob from the IST Service Desk in the Davis Centre or in the Dana Porter Library. Once you have obtained your new fob, please register your new fob using the myFob website(authentication required).
  2. Assigning or changing access: Podium access can be assigned or updated via the myFob website(authentication required).
  3. Lost or stolen fobs: A new fob can be obtained from any IST Service Desk. Please report your lost fob and register your new fob via the myFob (authentication required).

For further details, go to Electronic classrooms (E-classrooms)


  1. laptop HDMI audio/video connection to the system
  2. laptop VGA video connection to the system
  3. laptop 3.5 mm audio connection to the system
  4. ceiling-mounted document camera

Instructional technology

Type of instructional technology Make Model # Frequency
Data Projector Barco F80  
i>clicker Base i>clicker Base AC
Touch Screen Crestron TSW-1060  
Wall Display NEC E705  
Wall Display NEC E705  
Wireless Microphone Shure ULXD4 08-02

Instructions on how to use the equipment are here: E7-room-instructions (pdf)