Video conference

I have a video conference coming up. What do I need to do?

You need to book the meeting/seminar room E5-3052 provides for full video conferencing. This room also provides a smartboard facility. Another video conferencing unit is a portable unit that can be moved into any room in the Engineering 5 building. For booking the room please email Robyn Wilkison

Uses for the video conferencing system:

  • live online classes with full two way communication
  • webcast
  • PhD Defense
  • departmental interviews
  • multi site collaboration

For department use, please request a conference through our request ticket system we will need the name and the email address of the person that is coming remotely as well as the date and time of the conference. Please give us at least a week before the video conference to be able to setup everything need it to happen in the background such as set up the account and email the person coming remotely the instruction to set up the Cisco video jabber and do a video testing before the video conference. 

For external request, please email Jen Skinner.