Remote Desktop Connection

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Connecting while off-campus

Install the University of Waterloo Off campus Virtual Private Network site (VPN) client 

  1. ​Make sure the VPN client is enabled and connect before trying to access a remote desktop.
  2. If there is no name set up already on the VPN appliance type
  3. In order to connect using a remote desktop, you need to find out the computer's name 
  4. Open remote desktop connection and type the computer's name
  5. Type your credentials as nexus\username and your password
  6. Connect (if you need visual instructions go to: Starting Remote Desktop)

Instructions for Mac

1. Connect to the VPN

2. Download Remote Desktop Connection (you can download it from apple store: Remote desktop of mac

3. Follow this video: How to use Remote Desktop Connection (on this video they work with the IP address. Use the computer's host name)

4. enter nexus\username and your password when ask for credentials


Connecting while on-campus

In order to connect using a remote desktop, you need to find out the computer's name.

Finding the host name and domain of your computer

If the computer is managed it will have a sticker on it with its host name and IP Address.

computer with a sticker

Otherwise, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Start, followed by searching computer and then clicking System, or search and click on Control Panel, then find and click System.
Control panel

2. Find computer name and domain under Computer name.

System properties information windows

Starting Remote Desktop

  1. Click Start, followed by typing Remote Desktop Connection in the search box. Select the Remote Desktop Connection in the list of results.
  2. In the Computer field, type the of the computer that you want to connect to, followed by clicking Connect.
Enter the computer and select connect
  1. Type in your domain credentials into Username and Password, followed by selecting OK- Notice that as I'm login to the computer using my credentials it will be there as a default I just have to type my password. If you are using a laptop you need to click on more choices and select Use a different account then typing in your username into the Username field (i.e NEXUS\username)
Enter your credentials window
  1. If the remote computer is not verified, a screen similar to the one below will appear. Simply click Yes to connect. To prevent this message from reoccurring, select the box in front of Don't ask me again for connections to this computer
Remote desktop connection
  1. You should now see the remote screen of the computer. Note you need to have permissions to Remote login to the computer, please email