Waterloo Photos

Waterloo Photos is a browser-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system developed to support the needs of the University of Waterloo with respect to storing, sorting and sharing digital assets, specifically image files.

There are two types of access:

  1. On the fly access:  

The "on the fly" feature will allow Waterloo employees to access the Waterloo Photos service without needing to submit a request for access, and without needing to belong to an established (Waterloo Photos) org unit. On the fly access will allow these users to view assets that are in the View and Download Only access level (i.e. no restrictions on download and use).  

  1.  WCMS integration: 

Digital assets from Waterloo Photos can now be added to many of the content types within the WCMS (e.g. Web page, Blog, Person profile) when using the Listing page image or Upload an image upload options in the supported content types. 

  For more information on Waterloo Photos, please visit https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/waterloo-photos