About Medieval Studies

What is Medieval Studies?

A page of a book from the Medieval Ages with intricate designs and calligraphy

Medieval Studies looks at ideas and events from the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the modern era (i.e., between about 500 and 1500 CE). This interdisciplinary field of study seeks to unite knowledge from different disciplines, explore new areas of study, and revisit neglected topics.

If you are interested in or have read about, the Crusades, the Black Death, courtly love, the Hundred Years War, cathedrals, Geoffrey Chaucer, illuminated manuscripts, Latin, monasticism, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, the fall of the Roman empire, Joan of Arc, the trial of the Knights Templar, the Vikings, the Celts, the rise of Islam, the fall of Constantinople, or the capture of Jerusalem, then Medieval Studies has much to offer you!

Medieval Studies at UWaterloo and St. Jerome's University

The Medieval Studies Program is jointly sponsored by St. Jerome’s University and the University of Waterloo. It allows students to customize a program of study best suited to their interests. Our students may select courses from the following departments:

  • Classical Studies
  • English
  • Fine Arts
  • French Studies
  • Germanic and Slavic Studies
  • History
  • Italian Studies
  • Music 
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish & Latin American Studies