Future careers

The General and Honours BA in Medieval Studies typically leads to a number of exciting career possibilities. Medievalists' knowledge of history and material culture makes them an ideal fit for a career as a museum curator or in some other aspect of museum studies. Likewise, medievalists often find they are drawn to learning and, as a result, many become teachers. Since the Medieval Studies degree allows students the flexibility to pursue an option in another discipline, students can tailor their degree to prepare them to teach at the primary or secondary level. A medievalist's mastery of Latin grammar, and that of the European vernaculars, also inevitably means that they have a greater appreciation for English language and literature. This, in turn, leads some medievalists to opt for a career in publishing.

Some students who complete the BA in Medieval Studies also find that, once piqued, their interest in the Middle Ages remains unsated after graduation. Those students may continue on to obtain an MA or PhD in Medieval Studies or in one of its related disciplines. There are a number of fine graduate programs available to medievalists in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Our program's graduates are routinely accepted for graduate studies at other universities.

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