2019-20 MEDVL approved courses

Course Code Course Title
CLAS 104 Classical Mythology (Spring/Fall/Winter)
CLAS 105/MEDVL 105 Introduction to Medieval Studies (Fall)
CLAS 202 Roman Society (Fall)
CLAS 205/MEDVL 205 Medieval Society
CLAS 231 Survey of Greek Literature (Fall)
CLAS 232 Survey of Roman Literature
CLAS 242/FINE 242 Survey of Roman Art and Architecture
CLAS 252/HIST 252 Roman History (Winter)
CLAS 325/RS 315 Greek and Roman Religion (Fall)
CLAS 327 Astrology and Magic
CLAS 390 Classical Studies Abroad
GRK 101/RS 101 Introductory Ancient Greek 1 (Fall)
GRK 102/RS 102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2 (Winter)
GRK 201/RS 223 Intermediate Greek (Fall)
GRK 202/RS 224 Selections from Greek Authors (Winter)
LAT 101  Introductory Latin 1 (Fall)
LAT 102 Introductory Latin 2 (Winter)
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin (Fall)
LAT 202 

Selections from Latin Authors (Winter)

LAT 331  Advanced Readings in Latin: Prose
LAT 332 Advanced Readings in Latin: Poetry (Fall)
LAT 341 Advanced Studies in Greek Art and Architecture
LAT 351 Advanced Studies in Greek History 
LAT 381 Medieval Latin
LAT 421  Latin Epigraphy
LAT 422 Latin Paleography (Fall)
LAT 451 Senior Latin Composition, Grammar and Reading
MEDVL 115/HIST 115 Crusading in the Middle Ages (Fall)
MEDVL 250R/SI 250R The History of Islamic Civilization from Late Antiquity to 1300 (Fall)
MEDVL 251R/SI251R The History of Islamic Civilization from 1300-1800: The Islamic Gunpowder Empires (Winter)
MEDVL 260/HIST 260 Europe: 410-1303 (Winter)
MEDVL 304/HIST 304/RS 342 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe (Winter)
ENGL 200A Survey of British Literature 1 (Fall, Winter)
ENGL 208A Forms of Fantasy
ENGL 305A Old English 1 (Fall)
ENGL 305B  Old English 2 
ENGL 309A Rhetoric, Classical to Enlightenment (Fall, Winter)
ENGL 310A Chaucer 1
ENGL 310B  Chaucer 2 (Winter)
ENGL 310C  Non-Chaucerian Middle English Literature
ENGL 361 English Drama to 1642
FINE 212 Renaissance Art, 1300-1500
FINE 214 Visual Culture of Medieval Europe
MUSIC 253 Cathedral and Court: Music to 1600
MUSIC 363/RS357/CMW 363 The Christian Hymn (Winter)
HIST 110 A History of the Western World I (Fall)
HIST 211 A History of the Western World I
HIST 235/RS 240 History of Christianity
HIST 236/LS 236 Law and Society in the Middle Ages (Fall)
HIST 262 Early Modern Europe 1450-1700 (Fall)
HIST 317/SMF 317 History of Sexuality: The Pre-Modern Period (Winter)
HIST 329 Origins of the Common Law
HIST 347/GSJ 347 Witches, Wives, and Whores
HIST 379/RS 343 Reformation History 
HIST 422 Special Topics in History (Winter)
HIST 450 The History Capstone (Winter)
FR 151 Basic French 1 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
FR 152 Basic French 2 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
FR 192A French Language 1: Module 1 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
FR 192B French Language 1: Module 2 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
FR 291 French Civilization 1 (Fall)
FR 296 French Culture & Literature: Origins to 1715 (Fall, Winter)
FR 410 Medieval French Literature (Fall)
ITAL 101 Introduction to Italian Language 1 (Fall, Winter))
ITAL 102 Introduction to Italian Language 2 (Winter)
ITAL 155 Intensive Introductory Italian Language (Fall)
ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian 1 (Fall)
ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian 2
ITAL 311/ITALST 311 Medieval Italian Literature
ITALST 291 Culture & Civilization 1 (Fall)
ITALST 360 Dante's Divine Comedy
GER 101 Elementary German 1 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
GER 102 Elementary German 2 (Spring, Fall, Winter)
GER 230 Vikings! (Fall)
GER 271 German Thought and Culture: Objects (Spring, Fall)
RUSS 101 Elementary Russian I (Fall)
RUSS 102 Elementary Russian II
REES 271 Russian Thought and Culture
PHIL 220J/CLAS 220 Philosophy of Friendship
PHIL 283/CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient & Medieval (Spring, Fall, Winter)
PHIL 380/CLAS 361 History of Ancient Philosophy 
PHIL 382 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 403/CLAS 461 Studies in Ancient Philosophy (Fall)
PHIL 404 Studies of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 451J Thomas Aquinas
RS 110 Religions of the West (Spring, Fall, Winter)
RS 131/JS 105A Classical Hebrew 1
RS 132/JS 105B Classical Hebrew 2
RS 213/JS 211 Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism
RS 214/JS 210 Jewish Philosophy
RS 250 History of Christian Thought
RS 327/CLAS 327/GSJ 327 the Body, Dress, and Religion (Fall)
RS 354 Shapers of Roman Catholic Tradition
SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish 1 (Spring, Fall)
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish 2  (Winter)
SPAN 445 History of Spanish Language
SPAN 446W Love in Medieval Spanish Literature