Genealogical manuscripts

Classification scheme: Hist.Mss. 2

This section describes unpublished genealogically-related collections not included in personal manuscript collections. Predominantly, they consist of unpublished genealogical manuscripts and records of family reunions and family associations. Names are listed in collection order at the bottom of the page.

Baumann, Heinrich family 
Bechtel family 
Bender, Lloyd L. family
Bergey Family Association
Bergey, Michael family 
Bowman, Abraham family 
Bowman, Moses C. family 
Brownsberger, George family
Brubacher, Jacob and Maria Weber family
Burkhart, Joseph and Sara Sittler family 
Burkholder family 
Burkholder, Daniel family 
Clemens, Eli family 
Clemmer, Jacob family
Cober family 
Cressman, Aaron C. family
Cressman, Isaac S. family
Critchison, Helen (1916-2014) family
Detweiler, Enoch R. family 
Detweiler, Jacob family 
Detweiler, Jacob B. family 
Eby, Peter 
Epp, Johann family 
Erb, John (1796-1865) family 
Fretz family 
Fry, Joseph family 
Gingerich family 
Gingrich, John B. Family 
Guernsey family 
Hallman, Benjamin family
John S. Hallman (1829-1893) and Mary Clemens (1834- ) family Heckendorn, Amanda family
Honsberger, Barbara Kratz family 
Honsberger, Julia Ann Vanatter family 
Hoover, Elisabeth (1840-1904) family
Horst family
Horst, Benjamin and Veronica family 
Horst, Samuel M. and Magdalena (Brubacher) family 
Jantzi, Rudy family

Klaassen, Peter and Anna (Warkentin) family
Kolb, Isaac family 
Kratz family 
Kuepfer, Jacob family 
Lapp, John T. family
Jacob Lehman (ca.1727-1796) family
Lichti, Joseph L. (1824-1890) and Magdalena Farney (1828-1915) Family 
Leis, Joseph family 
Marshall, Sarah Ann Honsberger family 
Martens, Heinrich family 
Martens, Wilhelm family 
Martin, David family
Martin, Noah B. and Lorene Martin family 
Martin, Osiah B. family 
Martin, Susannah family 
Martin, Tilman 
Moyer, Isaac family
Neuhauser, Christian and Magdalena Zwalter family
Oberholtzer, Abraham and Sarah Erb
Oesch family
Otterbein family
Peters, Franz P. family 
Reesor family 
Roth, Jacob B. family
Ruby family 
Schmidt, Johannes (John) and Catharine Riehl family
Schmitt, John B. family 
Schmucker Smoker Smucker family 
Schneider, Hans family 
Schürch, Kasper family
Schürch, Ulrich family

Shantz (Schantz, Schanz), Jacob (1710-1781) family

Shelley, Frederick family

Shirk, Peter, family reunions
Shurr, Ervin family 
Snider family

Snider, Jacob C. family
Snider, Jonas family (moved to Personal Collections)
Stauffer family 
Steckle, Henry B. family 
Swartzentruber, Daniel (1788-1849) family
Peter Tschanz (Tschantz, Shantz) (c. 1654- ) family
Wagler, Christian family 
Weaver, Abraham family
Weber, Abraham H. and Elizabeth Cressman family
Weber, Benjamin family 
Weinland, John family 
Witmer, Isaac family 
Witmer, Joseph, family 
Woolner, William family 
Zehr family

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Collection Order

  1. Detweiler, Jacob family
  2. Lapp, John T., 1791-1863
  3. Martin, Tilman, 1840-1908
  4. Gingerich family
  5. Kratz family
  6. Burkholder family
  7. Reesor family
  8. Fretz family
  9. Schmitt, John B. family
  10. Eby, Peter family
  11. Bowman, Abraham family
  12. Leis, Joseph family
  13. Brownsberger, George family
  14. Cober family
  15. Oesch family
  16. Bechtel family
  17. Snider family
  18. Weber family
  19. Snyder family
  20. Guernsey family
  21. Witmer, Isaac family
  22. Zehr family
  23. Cressman, Isaac S. family
  24. Schneider, Hans family
  25. Kolb, Isaac family
  26. Fry, Joseph family
  27. Bergey, Michael family
  28. Clemens, Eli family
  29. Weaver, Abraham family
  30. Wagler, Christian family
  31. Schmucker Smoker Smucker family
  32. Sherk, Joseph family
  33. Burkholder, Daniel family
  34. Martens, Wilhelm family
  35. Shurr, Ervin family
  36. Detweiler, Jacob B.
  37. Detweiler, Enoch R.
  38. Jantzi, Rudy family
  39. Weinland, John family
  40. Baumann, Heinrich family
  41. Martin, David family
  42. Epp, Johann family
  43. Shelley, Frederick family
  44. Woolner, William family
  45. Moyer, Isaac family
  46. Bowman, Moses C.
  47. Steckle, Henry B. family
  48. Hallman, Benjamin family
  49. Kuepfer, Jacob family
  50. Marshall, Sarah Ann Honsberger family
  51. Honsberger, Barbara Kratz family
  52. Honsberger, Julia Ann Vanatter family
  53. Gingrich, John B. family
  54. Martens, Heinrich family
  55. Snider, Jonas family (moved to Personal Collections)
  56. Horst, Benjamin & Veronica family
  57. Weber, Benjamin family
  58. Berge (Bergey), Abraham family
  59. Martin, Susannah family
  60. Roth, Jacob B. family
  61. Peters, Franz P. family
  62. Horst, Samuel M. and Magdalena (Brubacher) family
  63. Martin, Osiah B. family
  64. Clemmer, Jacob family
  65. Swartzentruber, Daniel (1788-1849) family
  66. Erb, John (1796-1865) family
  67. Schürch, Kasper family
  68. Horst family
  69. Ruby family
  70. Hoover, Elisabeth (1840-1904) family
  71. Schürch, Ulrich family
  72. Witmer, Joseph, family
  73. Lichti, Joseph L. (1824-1890) and Magdalena Farney (1828-1915) family
  74. John S. Hallman (1829-1893) and Mary Clemens (1834- ) family
  75. Noah B. Martin and Lorene Martin family
  76. Joseph Burkhart and Sara Sittler family
  77. Stauffer family
  78. Oberholtzer, Abraham and Sarah Erb
  79. Peter Shirk family reunions
  80. Jacob Lehman (ca.1727-1796) family
  81. Christian Neuhauser and Magdalena Zwalter family
  82. Abraham H. and Elizabeth Cressman Weber family
  83. Jacob Shantz (Schantz, Schanz) (1710-1781) family
  84. Jacob C. Snider family
  85. Amanda Heckendorn family
  86. Peter Tschanz (Tschantz, Shantz) (c. 1654- ) family
  87. Schmidt, Johannes (John) and Catharine Riehl family
  88. Bender, Lloyd L. family
  89. Brubacher, Jacob and Maria Weber family
  90. Otterbein family
  91. Cressman, Aaron C. family
  92. Critchison, Helen (1916-2014)
  93. Klaassen, Peter and Anna (Warkentin) family
  94. Bergey Family Association

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