Sound recordings/ Oral history projects

Sound recordings  come to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario by a variety of means. Many were recorded by Conrad Grebel University College in the course of its own programs. Some were donated by the creators of the recordings; a few were purchased. Copies of worship services have been solicited by the Archives from Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada congregations. The sound recordings are "unpublished" and are not commercially available. There are some anomalies in the numbering of the early series.

Sound recordings must be used at the Mennonite Archives of Ontario; they do not circulate. They cannot be routinely duplicated due to copyright regulations. Requests for copies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The recordings are on audio cassette tapes or compact disks unless otherwise noted.

Oral history projects are usually carried out through a grant or individual research project. They involve a series of interviews with persons on a particular theme. In some cases transcriptions are available; generally at least summaries of the interviews are also available. In some cases time or other restrictions have been placed on project tapes.Each oral history series listed below consists of one such project. Copies of oral history tapes will not be made unless copyright has been transferred to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario. The tapes must be listened to at the Archives.

Hist.Mss. 9 - Sound recordings

Sound recordings gathered by the Mennonite Archives of Ontario are in ten series:

  1. Audio reels
  1. CBC Program Tapes
  1. Tour tapes
  2. Oral history seminar (1976)
  1. Music/Choirs
  2. Peter J. Dyck honorary doctorate, 1974
  3. Mennonite History on the Niagara Peninsula (1976-1977)
  4. School of Adult Studies (1977-1983)
  5. Mennonites and World War II
  6. Miscellaneous Interviews
  7. Worship Services in Ontario Mennonite Congregations
  8. Waterloo '79 (Mennonite Church General Assembly)
  9. Miscellaneous recordings
  10. Audio discs
  11. Audio kits

Hist.Mss. 20 - Sound recordings (CD/Digital)

These are recordings from a variety of sources that are in shelflist order.

Hist. Mss. 22 - Oral History Projects

  1. Alternative Service in World War II by David Fransen, 1974-1975
  2. Mennonite immigrants from Russia during the 1920s
  3. Mennonite immigrants from Mexico in 1960s-1970s
  4. Senior citizens at Fairview Mennonite Home, 1979
  5. Conrad Grebel University College history, 1984/1985, 2009/2010 (restricted)
    Note: See also Hist.Mss. 1.92 - Abe Wiebe (s.c.)
  6. Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, 1996-99
  7. Amish Mennonite Experience in Ontario, 1999-2000
  8. Rockway Mennonite Collegiate oral history project
  9. Rockway Mennonite Church interviews, 1973 (restricted)
  10. Mennonite Aid Union, 2006
  11. Valleyview Mennonite Church Oral History Project
  12. Volunteering for Service interview project
  13. Mennonite Central Committee Ontario Southeast Asian Refugees
  14. The value systems of conservative Mennonites and related groups in Ontario
  15. Multicultural History Society of Ontario interviews with Russian Mennonites
  16. Interviews with Palestinians and Israelis by Frank H. Epp
    Note: For more information, see Hist.Mss. -B - Is Tapes, 1977, and Hist.Mss. -B - Pa Tapes. - Tapes were donated to the Archives as part of the Frank H. Epp fonds. Tapes were digitized in 2013. For details as to the contents of each tape, consult the original reel to reel recording cases. Epp recorded the interviews while researching his books The Palestinians : portrait of a people in conflict (1976) and The Israelis : portrait of a people in conflict (1980).
  17. Ontario Mennonites in World War II
  18. Brethren in Christ in Ontario in World War I and World War II
  19. Women Without Men oral history project by Marlene Epp
  20. Interviews for "Alternative Service and alternative gender roles: conscientious objectors in B.C. during World War II" by Marlene Epp
  21. Peace and Conflict Studies directors and undergraduate advisors oral history conversation, 5 Aug 2014
  22. Waterloo County Hooked Rugs oral history project by Debra Meeks


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