Career prospects

lab tech looking through microscope in clean room
a group of lab techs in clean room suits in the clean room

Students in Waterloo’s innovative Nanotechnology Engineering (NE) program acquire a broad base of knowledge from the interface of science and engineering. Using concepts from biology, chemistry, electronics and quantum physics, they learn to work across conventional disciplines to research, design and manipulate matter measured in billionths of a metre. With this knowledge, they can contribute to landmark improvements in materials, products and processes that will change our lives for the better. 

The NE program complements students’ natural curiosity by providing a broad, inter-disciplinary education. It includes state-of-the-art technology, safe clean-room practices and hands-on co-op experience. Graduates have a strong foundation from which to pursue the next stage of their career, whether they choose to specialize via postgraduate academic degree such as Masters, MBA, PhD, Medical or Juris Doctor, take charge of their own startup company or capitalize on their professional skills with a job in industry.

NE students’ unique collection of skills and attributes make them an excellent fit for employment in many sectors. Co-op NE students work in a variety of roles, often making notable contributions to their workplace. Graduates of our program share their skills in Canada and around the world, where they secure industry positions, pursue graduate studies and start their own companies – often with the support of the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A degree in Nanotechnology Engineering provides a diverse set of skills that position our graduates for many exciting career paths.