During their undergraduate degree, many NE students are involved in groundbreaking research that is shared with the academic community through publications.

NE students may participate in research through co-op placements with top researchers at some of the best universities around the world or research assistant positions with accomplished Waterloo faculty during on-campus study terms. Beyond the expected work in a lab or on a computer, research also involves communicating its methodologies and results to others in the field.


Information is formally shared through the publication of conference papers and journal articles. The skills that students develop while working on such publications, including collaboration, problem solving and effective written communication, are useful whether they continue their academic pursuits or transfer to employment in industry. Publication indicates a level of curiosity, dedication and mastery that appeals to employers of all kinds.

Most academics publish their first papers near the end of their graduate studies, so the undergraduate accomplishments listed below are impressive and noteworthy. The number of papers published by Waterloo NE students and the credibility of the publications in which they appear are testament to the skills and abilities of the students in this program. In the lists below, NE students' names are in bold: