Feridun HamdullahpurFeridun Hamdullahpur
President and vice-chancellor
University of Waterloo

For centuries our global community grew closer — trading together, working together and exchanging ideas. The global pandemic upended that world, physically separating us more than ever and forcing us to shift our focus.

The physical distance can make it feel like we are more apart than ever before. But in fact, I think the opposite is true.

We are coming together, showing great resiliency in the face of complex issues. We have seen global co-operation on solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the rapid development of a vaccine. Together we are voicing and acting to make anti-racism a stronger force in our society. Our passion for building a more sustainable world for our future has never been more resolute. The physical and mental well-being of our students and our community has never been more important. Change has never intimidated us. We tackle challenges together within our institution and with our global partners.

Waterloo was built for connection

This collaboration across nations, industries and the political spectrum is changing the world. We are coming together to protect not only ourselves but one another. These connections push us forward every single day.

The University of Waterloo was built on connection and co-operation. It is deep within our institutional DNA, beginning with our dedication to blending academics with real-world experience through our renowned co-operative education program.

Our greatest impact happens together

Our founders believed that Waterloo’s deep connections with partners in industry and the community would mean richer education for all and a stronger national economy. It has imbued our University with a unique, entrepreneurial spirit that looks to find solutions to critical problems and partner with those who can help achieve the biggest impact. We need those relationships more than ever if we are to tackle disruptive, global challenges that require complex solutions.

This report is filled with stories of connection across our six faculties. There are collaborations with industry and non-profit groups for everything from better health care to improved security and stronger communities. These stories demonstrate that Waterloo was built for co-operation and impact. That legacy propels us forward and we’re only just getting started.