Emilee (BSc '08) and Jeff Alpaugh make their living helping people dress dangerously.

At their new store in Waterloo, Jeff Alpaugh Custom, the pair helped their guest Nick Manning design a custom dress shirt for a big date with his wife.

Did Nick enter the danger zone, or did he dress with caution? Let's find out. 

Want to look dangerously good?

Follow these three tips.


1)  Pair a dangerous shirt with a suit and a white tie.

The tie will pull the outfit together, says Jeff, and people will think you're a fashion expert.

2) Discuss the length of your shirt with your clothier.

You want your shirt to be long enough that you can wear it in a formal or casual setting. That way, you get the most out of your wardrobe.

3) Choose the right collar for the shape of your face.

Different collars frame the face in different ways, says Jeff. He recommends starting with something neutral, like an English spread, and building from there.