As a Waterloo alumnus, you've probably heard a lot of entrepreneurial stories. But Sefunmi and Helen's will stand out.

Sefunmi Osinaike (BASc '17) knew he wanted to start a company. He even did an entrepreneurship co-op term as a student. He also knew that he wanted his friend Helen Huang (BSc '17) to be a co-founder. 

Helen was not on the same page. Entrepreneurship just wasn’t on her radar, and she was happy in her full-time role in the tech industry. But today, they're the co-founders of Co.Lab, where they help people of all backgrounds succeed in the tech industry.

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Show notes

(1:19): Helen explains the basics of their company Co.Lab.

(2:43): Sefunmi talks about why he came to UWaterloo as an international student.

(3:55): UWaterloo was Helen's "plan B" for her university career. 

(5:07): Helen explains how she got into tech co-op jobs as an Earth Sciences student. 

(7:30): Lessons and benefits of enterprise co-op (e co-op).

(12:31): Sefunmi's "dream team."

(15:39): Taking a break from entrepreneurship, and knowing when to try again.

(17:44): Finding a problem to solve: helping people become product managers in the tech industry.

(21:33): Why ebooks were a doable first step to creating courses.

(26:30): How did an ebook become a company? 

(33:33): The road to get into tech isn't easy, but worth it for workers and tech companies.

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Enterprise co-op (called e co-op in the episode): Learn more about the program that allowed Sefunmi to start his first company.

Co.Lab ebooks: Read the books that Sefunmi and Helen wrote for people pursuing a career in tech.