The University of Waterloo was founded with the goal of addressing local and global challenges through unconventional means. Our unique approach to developing future-focused solutions – built on boundary-breaking research, experiential education and entrepreneurship – inspires innovation for real-world impact. Over the years, that goal has not wavered, but the challenges have evolved.

As a result, it is more important than ever for Waterloo to look toward the future and apply our unique strengths to inspire optimism as we continue to tackle the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Waterloo community is transforming societies, economies, technologies, sustainability and health for humanity to thrive in our complex future. Waterloo is already at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation in these five important areas. We will continue to build on our strengths in these interconnected areas while delivering new directions and solutions, whether they are new technologies, policies or practices, that are desperately needed for humanity’s future.

I invite you to read these inspiring stories of our students, faculty, staff and alumni who are changing the world. From digitally transforming health care to creating space for under-represented voices in the environmental movement, the University of Waterloo provides a foundation to enable our people to impact their communities and the world for the better.

Waterloo has a wealth of leaders, changemakers and innovators who are imagining a bold new future. We continue to approach new challenges in unconventional ways and, as a result, we are uncovering ground-breaking solutions.

Together, our researchers, students and alumni approach challenges differently. They unlock barriers by working together to develop creative approaches across disciplines. The futures they are transforming are not independent islands but an interconnected landscape of opportunities that represent a path for Waterloo to foster lasting, impactful global change.