With AI’s transformational impact on the business landscape, senior leaders need to stay ahead of the curve and understand AI wholistically to capitalize on its promise and effectively navigate its implications. To help executives fully harness the power of AI, WatSPEED has launched a first-of-its-kind program: AI and Business Strategy

Bringing together renowned faculty experts from computer science, economics, and organizational management, this comprehensive executive sprint is designed for change leaders who understand that technology is just one part of business strategy; culture, innovation, technical skills, and adoption are quintessential components to a successful strategy.  

Custom-crafted to enable business and government leaders to harness the power of AI, this immersive sprint equips participants with the insights needed to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and leverage its potential for strategic advantage. 

In four dynamic virtual sessions, University of Waterloo faculty experts Jimmy Lin, Cheriton chair at the Cheriton School of Computer Science, Joël Blit, professor of economics, and J. Mark Weber, professor of management and organizations, will guide leaders through AI technology and its disruptive potential, its implications on leadership and organizational functions, and its ability to reimagine processes and drive innovation. 

“Senior leaders and executives need to view technology as an opportunity for transformation,” says Blit, who serves as the chair of the Council on Innovation Policy and senior fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation. “This sprint is designed to get leaders to reimagine the possibilities around this new technology, so they might increase productivity, enhance products and services, and operate more efficiently.” 

Participants will also gain new understanding about the historical context of AI for businesses and the unique ethical considerations it presents, walking away with the knowledge and skills needed to harness AI applications for organizational growth and success. 

“Understanding how to leverage AI is essential,” says Lin, co-director of Waterloo’s AI Institute. “Leaders must understand this technology so you can put in guardrails, or productively steer it in a positive direction, because its already revolutionizing the workforce.” 

By demystifying the complexities of AI and providing a roadmap for its strategic implementation within organizations, more of Canada’s executives will be empowered and prepared to face our ever-evolving AI-driven landscape. 

To learn more about AI and Business strategy, or to register for the sprint, please visit our website