As part of a recent Government of Canada announcement, seven University of Waterloo doctoral students were named recipients of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS).

The Vanier CGS program awards up to $50,000 per year for three years, for students working in social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, engineering and health.

“The University of Waterloo remains unequivocally committed to accelerate Canada’s economy and the well-being of Canadians through our core missions of education and research” says Dr. Jeff Casello, associate vice-president of graduate studies and postdoctoral affairs.

“Our entire community is thrilled to welcome these exceptional Vanier Scholars to the University. We thank the federal government for its commitment to supporting Canadian research and researchers, and we look forward to celebrating the transformative outcomes these Vanier scholars will produce.”

These scholars are part of a network of researchers at the University of Waterloo who are committed to solving the most complex challenges of our time, shaped by fundamental and applied research excellence. Waterloo is proud to present the following Vanier scholars:

Amy Nahwegahbow, School of Public Health Sciences, supervised by Dr. Brian Laird, is working on a research project titled “Assessing environmental exposures, socio-cultural vulnerability, and health impacts of contaminants from industrial pollution in northern First Nations.”

Read more about Nahwegahbow’s work.

Amy Nahwegahbow

Jacqueline Caminiti, Physics and Astronomy, supervised by Dr. Robert Myers, is working on a research project titled “Illuminating AdS/CFT and flat holography with quantum information perspectives and techniques.”

Read more about Caminiti's work.

Jacqueline Caminiti


Caroline de Lima Vargas Simões, Physics and Astronomy, co-supervised by Dr. Robert Myers and Dr. Eduardo Martin-Martinez is working on a research project titled “Why does matter not like to be packed? A quantum information perspective of the difference between fermions and bosons.”

Read more about de Lima Vargas Simões’s work.

Caroline de Lima Vargas Simões


Harold Hodgins, Biology, supervised by Dr. Andrew Doxey, is working on a research project titled “Exploring previously unexplorable genomic landscapes.”

Read more about Hodgin’s work.

Harold Hodgins


Jack deGooyer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, co-supervised by Dr. Michael Reimer and Dr. Peter Levine, is working on a research project titled “A 400kHz ultra-low noise readout integrated circuit for a novel metamaterial photodetector.”

Read more about deGooyer’s work.

Jack deGooyer


Sarah Odinotski, Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervised by Dr. Michael Reimer, is working on a research project titled “lntraoperative glioblastoma margin detection using metamaterial-based optical detectors.”

Read more about Odinotski’s work.

Sarah Odinotski


Liam Hebert, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, co-supervised by Dr. Robin Cohen and Dr. Lukasz Golab, is working on a research project titled “Community and discussion oriented multi-modal deep learning for contextual hate speech detection on social media.”

Read more about Hebert’s work.

Liam Hebert