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About the Optometry Clinics

The University of Waterloo Optometry Clinic is the principal teaching facility for the provision of clinical experience to optometry interns, residents, and graduate students. As well, state of the art patient care services are provided to people from the local community, the province and other parts of Canada, and, occasionally, from other countries.

The main clinic facility is located within the Optometry building on the north campus of the University of Waterloo. Each year there are approximately 21,000 patient visits to all our clinics. Optometry students receive direct patient care experience in the areas of primary care, contact lenses, geriatrics, electrodiagnosis, pediatrics and special needs, low vision, binocular vision and aniseikonia, optical services and refractive surgery co-management.

All students are under close supervision by faculty members or clinical associates. These clinics are open to members of the public and members of the University of Waterloo community. Ongoing outreach programs provide clinical experience and patient care services to area pre-schools and nursing homes as well.