Seminar Schedule

Our group meetings take place in our lab, room MC6334, in the Mathematics & Computer Building (MC). If you are an upcoming student speaker and would like some advice on how to prepare a presentation, see the section on communication skills in my handbook for new grad students here

Winter 2024

  • Feb. 9 (Fri), 11:00am, Prof. Carl Caves (University of New Mexico)
    100 years after Heisenberg: Discovering the world of simultaneous measurements of non-commuting observables.
    Live in MC6334 and on Zoom here.

Fall 2023

  • Nov. 15 (Wed), 3:00pm, Evan Peters
    Learning and Entanglement
    Live in MC6334 and on Zoom here

  • November 3 (Fri), 11am, Dr. Aidan Chatwin-Davies (OIST, Okinawa)
    Holographic Screen Sequestration
    Live in MC6334 and on Zoom here

  • October 30, (Mon), 12:00pm, Alexandra Kirillova (IQC)
    Optimizing Satellite Quantum Key Distribution
    Live in MC6334 and also on Zoom here.

  • October 23, (Mon), 12:00pm, Dr. Michael. F. Wondrak (Radboud University, The Netherlands)
    Gravitational Pair Production and Black Hole Evaporation
    (Based on the recent PRL:
    Live in MC6334 and also on Zoom here.

  • October 16, (Mon), 10:00am, AK talks at Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM), University of Bremen
    Correlations, representations and the emergence of spacetime
    The recording is here. User: gravitv, pwd: Gab=8piG/c^4Tab

  • October 5, (Thu), 11:00am, AK talks in the Quantum Foundations Seminar at Perimeter Institute
    On the Role of Representations in Foundations, Quantum Gravity and AI & Consciousness
    The recording on PIRSA is here.

Spring/Summer 2023

  • June 20, (Tue), 2:30pm, Arsalan Motamedi (IQC) 
    On sampling in a quantum context

Winter 2023

  • Apr 5 (Wed), 1:00pm, Prof. Lorenzo Fatibene (University of Torino, Italy) 
    Building theories out of thin air: The mathematical structure of relativistic theories
    Live in the lab (MC6334) and on Zoom, here.

Fall 2022

  • Dec 6 (Tue), 11:00am, Prof. Pooya Ronagh (IQC) 
    Gibbs Sampling of Periodic Potentials on a Quantum Computer

  • Dec 1 (Thu), 11:00am, Prof. Robert Martin (Univ. of Manitoba)
    An introduction to Non-commutative Function Theory

  • Nov 24 (Thu), 4:00pm, Dr. Nayeli Rodriguez Briones (Berkeley)
    Activation of Strong Local Passive States with Quantum Energy Teleportation Protocols

  • Nov 17 (Thu), 3:30pm, Prof. John Klauder (Univ. of Florida)
    Advanced quantum mechanical methods. The recording is here.  

  • Nov 10 (Thu), 3:30pm, Dr. Ali Mahmoud
    On the mathematics of quantum computing

  • Nov 3 (Thu), 11am, Prof. John Klauder (Univ. of Florida)
    Quantization meets the universe. The recording is here. Passcode: +W4iuTP8

  • Oct 28 (Fri), 4:30pm, Prof. Fabio Scardigli (Univ. of Milano)
    Bekenstein bound and uncertainty relations

  • Oct 24 (Mon), 10:00am, Evan Peters
    Generalization despite overfitting in quantum machine learning 

  • Oct 21 (Fri), 2:00pm, Evan Peters
    Using correlated auxilliary noise in classical and quantum machine learning (II)

  • Oct 14 (Fri), 2:00pm, Evan Peters
    Using correlated auxilliary noise in classical and quantum machine learning (I)

  • Oct 5 (Wed), 2:00pm, Dr. Aidan Chatwin-Davies (UBC)
    Error correction and superselection 

  • Sep 8 (Thu), 4:00pm, Einar Gabbassov
    Discretized adiabatic quantum computing II

  • Sep 1 (Thu), 4:00pm, Einar Gabbassov
    Discretized adiabatic quantum computing I

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Aug. 31 (Wed), 2:00pm, Sky Room, PI, Prof. Masahiro Hotta (Tohoku University, Japan)
    How to derive quantum mechanics for a two-level spin by Stern-Gerlach experiments, and its extension to multi-level systems

  • June 15 (Wed), 11:30am, Maria Papageorgiou, at PI (room TBA) and on Zoom.
    Quantum measurements in relativistic spacetime

  • May 31 (Tue), 2pm, Dr. Marcus Reitz (Jagiellonian Univ, Poland), in our lab, MC6334 (or in MC5479 if our lab is too full) and on Zoom:
    Generalised spectral dimensions in non-perturbative quantum gravity

  • May 10 (Tue), 2pm, Dr. Ningping Cao (IQC) (Zoom)
    Combined numerical ranges of observables and quantum information

  • May 4 (Wed), 2pm, Matheus Zambianco (Sao Paulo) (Zoom)
    2 topics: Observer dependent entanglement / Quantum friction

Winter 2022

Spring/Summer 2021

  • June 21 (Mon), 10am, Maria Papageorgiou (Zoom)
    Ph.D. Lecture 1: Quantum measurement in Relativistic Quantum Information

  • June 23 (Wed), 12pm, Maria Papageorgiou (Zoom)
    Ph.D. Lecture 2: Detector models in Quantum Field Theory: the localization problem  

  • June 30 (Wed), 12pm, Maria Papageorgiou (Zoom)
    Ph.D. Lecture 3: Detector models in Quantum Field Theory: frictions with relativistic causality

Fall 2020

  • Oct 13 (Tue), 11am, Erickson Tjoa (Video)
    Entanglement harvesting in collapsing shell spacetime and a new computational method it inspired
  • Sep. 22 (Tue), 11am, Aharon Brodutch (CQIQC, University of Toronto) Video
    Do qubits dream of entangled sheep?
  • Sep 16 (Wed), 4pm, in PI series, Eugene Tang (CalTech) Video
    The ghost in the radiation: Robust encodings of the black hole interior
  • Sep 8 (Tue), 2pm, Basel Jayyusi (Video)
    Geometric interpretation of separation of variables in Hamilton Jacobi equations 
  • Sep 2 (Wed), 11am, Jason Pye  (Video)
    Lectures on Sampling Theory in Quantum Field Theory II (Lorentzian case)
  • Sep 1 (Tue), 11am, Jason Pye  (Video)
    Lectures on Sampling Theory in Quantum Field Theory I (Euclidean case)

Spring/Summer 2020

  • Aug 19 (Wed), 11am, Jason Pye  (Video)
    Relativity, Particle localizability and Entanglement
  • May 19 (Tue), 10am, Maria, Nadine, Achim, Richard (joint Edu-Achim group event)
    Miniworkshop on the light-matter interaction
    The recording is here 

Winter 2020

  • April 21 (Tue), 2pm, Richard Lopp, Dan Grimmer [The video recording is here]
    Shape, Geometry and Quantum Optics:  Are Optical Fibers Really One Dimensional? 
  • March 31 (Tue), 11am, Raphael Abrahao (University of Ottawa) [online, via Zoom, here]
    Scaling Boson sampling experiments and quantum metrology with photon counting
  • March 25 (Wed), 2pm, Navya Gupta [postponed]
    Disentangeling entanglement
  • March 17 (Tue), 11am, Prof. Roger Melko   [postponed]
    Reconstructing Wave Functions with Unsupervised Learning
  • Feb 11 (Tue), 11am, Dr. Alvaro Alhambra
    Revivals imply quantum many-body scars
  • Feb 4 (Tue), 11am, Prof. Yidun Wan (Fudan University, Shanghai)
    Intro to the Experimental Probing of Topological Order and Its Breakdown via Modular Matrices
  • Jan 30 (Thu), 2:30pm in MC5501 (Colloquium), AK
    Superoscillations: Faster than Fourier
  • Jan 28 (Tue), 11am, Aidan Chatwin-Davies (University of Leuven, Belgium)
    Bulk reconstruction beyond the entanglement wedge
  • Jan 21 (Tue), 11am, Juan Cayuso
    Exploration of the Universe at the largest possible scales. 
  • Jan 15 (Wed), 11am, Nicholas Funai
    Numerical obsolescence of RWA in 21st century cavities
  • Jan 10 (Fri), 12pm, Rena Kaya
    Quantum Amplifiers: From ideal to immaculate
  • Jan 7 (Tue), 11am, Adam Lewis
    Quantum computing with machine learning controlled quantum stuff

Fall 2019

  • Dec 16 (Mon), 11am, Ali Mahmoud
    On the asymptotics of diagrams occurring in interacting quantum field theories.
  • Dec 10 (Tue), 11am, Eugene Tang (CalTech)
    Robust encodings of the black hole interior
  • Dec. 4 (Wed), 11am, Adam Lewis
    Lattice simulations of Hartle Hawking vacua
  • Nov. 26 (Tue), 1pm, Aaron Voelker
    Energy-efficient dynamic computations on spiking neuromorphic hardware
  • Nov 19 (Tue) 10am, Marcel Golz (C&O, UW and Humboldt University Berlin)
    Parametric Feynman integrals for gauge theories and their combinatorics
  • Nov 18 (Mon) 11am, Tobias Fritz (PI) 
    Resource efficiency in thermodynamics and characterizations of entropy
  • Nov. 5 (Tue) 10am, Ramit Dey (IACS, India)
    Signature of near horizon modifications in holography
  • Oct. 30 (Wed) in room QNC1201 at the IQC (joint seminar with Edu's group), 2:30pm, AK
    Superoscillations: theory and applications
  • Oct. 23 (Wed) 11am, Dan Grimmer, Irene Melgarejo
    Machine Learning Quantum Field Theory
  • Oct. 8 (Tue) 11am, Chunchong "Rufus" Ni
    Seeing the unseeable: How the Event Horizon Telescope unmasks supermassive black holes  
  • Sep. 18 (Wed) 12:00pm, Koji Yamaguchi (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
    A bound on quantum signal to noise ratios
  • Sep. 4 (Wed) 11:00am, Parth Girdhar (Univ. of Sydney, Australia)
    Probing modified commutation relations via quantum noise

Summer 2019

  • Aug. 28 (Wed) 3pm, Jessica Pointing (Stanford)
    Opportunities with near-term quantum computers 
  • Aug. 22 (Thu) 10:30am, Prof. Giovanni Acampora (Univ. of Napoli, Italy)
    Computational intelligence: an introduction and a quantum vision
  • July 16 (Tue) 3:30pm, Sky room at PI, Prof. John Klauder (Univ. of Florida)
    The real quantum gravity
  • July 16 (Tue) 11am (MC6334), Dimitris Moustos (Patras Universty, Greece)
    Thermality in the Unruh effect

Winter 2019

(AK is on sabbatical)

  • Jan. 30 (Wed) 2pm, Ding Jia
    Should one geometry appear only once in the path integral for gravity?
  • Jan. 8 (Tue) 12:00pm, in Room MC6486, Prof. Silke Weinfurtner (University of Nottingham)
    Fluid dynamics meets gravity: analogue black holes in the lab

Fall 2018

(AK is on sabbatical)

  • Dec. 5 (Wed) 1:00pm, Jose De Ramón Rivera
    Quantum fields and local measurements 
  • Oct. 15 (Mon) 4:00pm, Ingo Roth (former group member, now at Freie Uni Berlin)
    Introduction to compressed sensing for classical and quantum signals

Spring / Summer 2018

  • Aug. 29 (Wed) 11:00am, QNC1201, Doreen Fraser (Philosophy, UW)
    Analogies in quantum theories
  • Aug. 20 (Mon) 11:00am, Turner Lee Silverthorne
    Tsirelson’s Problem and The Word Problem
  • Aug. 16 (Thu) 12:00pm, Nitica Sakharwade
    Toy model for quantum causal structures
  • Aug. 8 (Wed) 1:00pm Dr. Robert Martin
    Finite dilations of quantum channels
  • Aug. 1 (Wed) 1:00pm, Prof. Karen Yeats (C&O, U. Waterloo)
    Field diffeomorphisms in QFT
  • July 26 (Thu) 1:00pm, Location: QNC1501, Esteban Castro Ruiz (University of Vienna)
    Dynamics of Quantum Causal Structures
    (this is a joint seminar with the groups of Robb Mann and Eduardo Martin-Martinez)
  • July 20 (Fri) 3:00pm, Jason Pye and Dr. Marco Letizia
    Test runs of their talks at the ICMP conference
  • July 19 (Thu) 3:00pm, Location: QNC1501, Flaminia Giacomini (University of Vienna)
    Spin measurement in relativistic quantum reference frames
    (this is a joint seminar with the groups of Robb Mann and Eduardo Martin-Martinez)
  • July 19 (Thu) 10:30-11:55am, QNC0101, Steven Heidel (Rigetti Computing) and Guillaume Verdon
    Controlling a Quantum Computer with Code (Steven) and 

    A Universal Training Algorithm for Quantum Deep Learning (Guillaume)

  • July 18 (Wed) 1:00pm, Atmn Patel
    Test run of his talk at the ICMP conference
  • July 10 (Tue) 1:00pm, Maria Quadeer (Univ. of Technology, Sydney)
    Minimax quantum state estimation under Bregman divergence
  • July 4 (Wed) 12:30pm, Nicholas Bornman (University of the Witwatersrand)
    Ghosts in Optics
  • June 15 (Fri) 2:00pm in QNC0101, Prof. Alain Tapp (Univ. de Montreal and Montreal Inst. for Learning Algorithms, MILA)
    The Deep Learning Revolution in Artificial Intelligence, what it means and how you can help
  • June 13 (Wed) 1:00pm, AK
    Stone Age tools for Quantum Gravity?
  • May 23 (Wed) 12:00pm, Dr. Mihai Nica (University of Toronto)
    On the complexity of random functions
  • May 16 (Wed) 12:00pm, Luis Serrano (Udacity) 
    Understanding neural networks
  • May 9 (Wed) 1:00pm
    Free-wheeling group discussion
  • May 2 (Wed) 1:00pm, Laura Sberna and Yigit Yargit​​
    Adiabatic Vacuum and the Cosmological Constant Problem

Winter 2018

  • Apr. 25 (Wed) 11:00am, Prof. Mairi Sakellariadou (King's College London)
    Quantum gravity, cosmological models and the gravitational wave background
  • Apr. 18 (Wed) 1:00pm, Prof. Eduardo Martin-Martinez
    The Unruh effect without thermality
  • Apr. 11 (Wed) 12:00pm, David Layden (MIT)
    Quantum sensing, noise, and frequency filtering
  • Apr. 10 (Tue) 1:30pm, at the IQC, in room QNC1501, David Layden (MIT)
    Error-corrected quantum sensing
  • Apr. 4 (Wed) 1:00pm, Ding Jia
    Does the Unruh effect actually exist in Nature?
  • Mar. 29 (Thu) 2pm, Alejandro Pozas, ICFO, Barcelona, Spain
    Artificial Intelligence Augmentation: Catching the wave of Machine Learning to tackle problems in Quantum Information
  • Mar. 28 (Wed) 1:00pm, Nadine Stritzelberger
    1+1 Dimensional inverse spectral geometry
  • Mar. 21 (Wed) 1:00pm, Jason Pye
    Covariant bandlimitation and generalized uncertainty principles
  • Mar. 21 (Wed) 3:30pm, Rob Spekkes, David Schmid (PI)
    Seminar held jointly, in MC6486, with Edu's and Robb's groups
    Why initial system-environment correlations do not imply the failure of complete positivity
  • Mar. 14 (Wed) 1:00pm, Maria Papageorgiou
    On the Malament Theorem
  • Mar. 7 (Wed) 1:00pm, Maria Papageorgiou
    Detectors in Spacetime
  • Feb. 28 (Wed) 1:30pm, Nitica Sakharwade
    Paradoxical musings: Ravens and the Thimblerig game
  • Feb. 21 (Wed) 1:30pm, Nayeli Azucena Rodriguez-Briones 
    Heat bath algorithmic cooling with elementary thermal operations
  • Feb. 14 (Wed) 1:30pm, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    A quantum algorithm to train neural networks using low-depth circuits
  • Feb. 7 (Wed) 1:30pm, Dr. Marco Letizia
    Quantum matter in quantum space(time)
  • Jan. 31 (Wed), 2pm, Dr. William Donnelly (PI)
    How much quantum information is in a particle's gravitational field?
  • Jan. 22 (Mon), 2:30pm, in room QNC0101, Dr. Elizabeth Crosson (CalTech)
    Quantum annealing vs classical optimization
  • Jan. 18 (Thu), 2:30pm, Prof. Andreas Hilfinger (Univ. of Toronto at Mississauga)
    Stochastic models in cell biology: how they fail and why we need them
    (This talk will be a colloquium and will take place in room MC5501)
  • Jan. 17 (Wed), 10:30am, in room MC6460, Prof. Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham, U.K.)
    Perpetual motion no-go theorem for Lorentz-violating black holes

Fall 2017 

  • Dec. 6 (Wed), 2pm, Dr. Alvaro Martin Alhambra (PI)
    Entanglement fluctuations
  • Nov. 29 (Wed), 2pm, Aidan Chatwin-Davies (CalTech)
    Hilbert space measures and holography
  • Nov. 22 (Wed), 9am-12pm, Dr. Juergen Gerhard (Maplesoft)
    Introduction to coding with Maple
  • Nov. 20 (Mon), 2pm, Prof. Ali Ghodsi (UW Math)
    Aspects of machine learning
  • Nov. 13 (Mon), 12pm, Dr. Valentina Baccetti (Macquarrie University, Sydney, Australia)
    Effects of black hole radiation: horizon avoidance?
  • Nov. 9 (Thu), 1:30-4:30pm, Dr. Juergen Gerhard (Maplesoft)
    Introduction to symbolic computation with Maple
  • Nov. 8 (Wed), 2pm, AK
  • Nov. 1 (Wed), 2pm, Lucas Hackl (Penn State)
    Linear growth of the entanglement entropy and the Kolmogorov-Sinai rate
  • Oct. 25 (Wed), 2pm, Dr. Angelika Fertig (PI)
    Quantum Tunneling with a Lorentzian Path Integral
  • Oct. 19 (Thu), 2pm, Nitica Sakharwade
    Bidirectional Teleportation and Dense Coding in the Butterfly network
  • Oct. 11 (Wed), 2pm, Nadine Stritzelberger
    Gravitational closure of matter field equations
  • Oct. 10 (Tue), 1pm, Koji Yamaguchi (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
    Entanglement Beyond Page Curves in Black-hole Evaporation Qubit Model
  • Oct. 4 (Wed), 10:00am, Dr. Katja Ried, (QIC, University of Innsbruck, Austria)
    Fish, robots and free will: what we can learn by building agents that learn for themselves
  • Oct. 2 (Mon), 2pm, Georgios Styliaris (USC, Los Angeles)
    Coherence generating power of quantum dephasing processes
  • Sep. 21 (Thu), 1:30pm, MC6486, AK, Nicholas Pun and Rob Martin talk in the local number theory seminar
    Amplified foreshadowing of jumping champions
  • Sep. 20 (Wed), 4pm (Sky Room, PI), AK and Eduardo Martin-Martinez give a talk to PI's PSI students.
    Current topics of research
  • Sep. 14 (Thu), 2pm, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Qubits from It: Quantum Field Sampling, Compression, and Teleportation
  • Sep. 7 (Thu), 2pm in PI's Sky Room. AK talks in PI's Cosmology group
    Covariant information-theoretic natural ultraviolet cutoff and the CMB 
  • Sep. 1 (Thu), 12pm. (PI Bistro, 2nd floor) AK talks to PI's new PSI students
    Overview of current topics of research 

Spring / Summer 2017

  • Aug. 30 (Wed), 10am, in MC5479 Prof. Luis Garay (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
    Gravitational-wave echoes from macroscopic quantum gravity effects
  • Aug. 18 (Fri), 10:30am, Dr. Chris Ferrie (U. of Tech. Sydney)
    The Problematization of Randomized Benchmarking
  • July 21 (Fri), 10am, MC6460, Mikhail Panine
    Ph.D. defense
  • July 12 (Wed), 2pm, Laurel Stephenson-Haskins (UC Santa Cruz)
    Hybrid Inflation and the Spectral Index
  • June 27 (Tue), 2pm, Prof. Adrian Lupascu (IQC)
    Introduction to implementations of quantum annealing, and current work
  • June 23 (Fri), 2pm, Dr. Fabio Costa (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)
    A no-go theorem for superpositions of causal order
  • June 22 (Thu), 2pm, Prof. Ghazal Geshnizjani (UW,PI)
    Getting Super-Excited with Modified Dispersion Relations
  • June 15 (Thu), 11am, Flaminia Giacomini (Univ. of Vienna, IQOQI))
    Quantum systems as reference frames
  • June 13 (Tue), 12pm, Prof. Vijay Ganesh (UW-ECE)
    SMT Solvers for Software Engineering and Security
  • June 5 (Mon), 2pm, Aidan Chatwin-Davies (CalTech)
    A Holographic No-Hair Theorem from the Generalized Second Law for Cosmology
  • May 31 (Wed), 2:00pm, Dr. Daniel Guariento (PI)
    Hamiltonian analysis of the cuscuton

Winter 2017

  • April 26 (Wed), 3:30pm, Daniel Grimmer
    Open dynamics under rapid repeated interaction
  • Mar. 22 (Wed), 11am, QNC0101, Prof. Mohammad Ansari (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
    Entropy measurement in quantum systems 
  • Mar. 21 (Tue), 1pm, Maria Papageorgiou
    The 'weight' of entanglement, and the validity limits of semiclassical gravity
  • Mar. 14 (Tue), 2pm, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Maximal entanglement breaking via measurement of quantum fields
  • Mar. 7 (Tue), 12:30pm, Nayeli Azucena Rodriguez-Briones 
    Correlation-Enhanced Algorithmic Cooling
  • Feb. 28 (Tue), 2:30pm, Prof. Jose A. Zapata (UNAM, Mexico and UW)
    On holography and gauge degrees of freedom
  • Feb. 22 (Wed), 11am, room MC6486, Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer (Univ. of Vienna, Austria)
    Entanglement through Gravity: crazy but how crazy?
  • Feb. 15 (Wed), 2:30pm, Prof. Yidun Wan (Fudan University, Shanghai)
    Ground State Degeneracies of Topological Orders on Open Surfaces via Anyon Condensation
  • Feb. 14 (Tue), 2pm, Ding Jia
    Natural entanglement cutoff from indefinite causal structure
  • Jan. 31 (Tue), 2:30pm, Prof. Lorenzo Fatibene (Univ. of Turino, Italy)
    Ehlers-Pirani-Schild axiomatics for gravity and extended theories of gravitation
  • Jan. 16 (Mon), 10am, in MC6460, Prof. Niayesh Afshordi (UW, PI)
    Echoes from the Abyss: Evidence for Planck-scale structure at black hole horizons
  • Jan. 16 (Mon), 1pm, MC5501, Prof. Jorma Louko (Univ. of Nottingham, U.K.)
    Smooth and sharp creation of a pointlike source in quantum field theory
  • Jan. 13, (Fri), 2pm, Jason Pye
    Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity, Area Laws and Holography

Fall 2016

  • Dec. 15, (Thu), 2pm, in MC6460, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Master's defense
  • Dec. 13, (Tue), 2pm, Nayeli Azucena Rodriguez Briones
    Quantum Energy Teleportation for Algorithmic Cooling
  • Dec.8, (Thu), 11am, Paul Tiede
    Bow ties in the sky
  • Dec. 7, (Wed.), 2pm, Hau-tieng Wu (Univ. of Toronto)
    When time series analysis meets manifold learning 
  • Nov. 24, (Thu), 10am, Ding Jia
    Theories with indefinite causal structure
  • Nov. 17, (Thu), 10am, Kiran Khosla (Univ. of Queensland and UW)
    Testing classical channel gravity with quantum clocks
  • Nov. 15, (Tue), 12pm, Jason Pye
    Information-theoretic ultraviolet cutoffs for quantum field theory
  • Nov. 10, (Thu), 10am, Dr. Dennis Raetzel (Univ. of Vienna)
    Gravitational Properties of Light
  • Oct. 27 (Thu), 10am, Sasha Agne (IQC)
    Observation of genuine three-photon interference
  • Oct. 26 (Wed), 2:00pm, Dr. Eric Brown (Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Barcelona, Spain)
    Gaussian-passivity: practical limitations on quantum energy extraction
  • Oct. 14 (Fri.), Prof. Alexander Gutfraind (U. of Illinois, Chicago and Uptake Technologies)
    • 2-3pm, in QNC1501
      Mathematical Emergencies: Dynamic and Network-based Methods in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
    • 3:30-4:30pm in QNC1501 (Colloquium)
      Math on the frontlines : applications of complex systems methods in
      conflict research 
  • Oct. 11 (Tue), 2pm, Michael Florian Wondrak (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)
    • Unparticle Effects on Black Holes and the Hydrogen Atom
  • Oct. 6 (Thu), 10am, Markus Mueller (PI, Western University)
    An operational approach to spacetime symmetries: Lorentz transformations from quantum communication
  • Sept. 22 (Thu), 2pm, Emma MacKay
    The effective size of a superconducting qubit

Spring/Summer 2016

  • August 12 (Fri.), 11am, Prof. Ted Jacobson (Univ. of Maryland)
    Is the vacuum maximally entangled?
  • August 11, 10am, MC6486, Jason Pye
    Comprehensive seminar
  • August 10 (Wed.), 11am, Prof. Karen Yeats (Simon Fraser / UW)
    Chord diagrams and Dyson Schwinger equations
  • August 8 (Mon), 9am, Ding Jia, Taylor Zhang, Nicholas Pun
    Summer research project presentations: Integration by differentiation, Time-varying bandwidth filtering for the SKA telescope project, Shannon analysis of jumping champions of prime numbers.
  • August 4 (Thu), 10am, David Layden
    Master's defense.
  • August 3 (Wed.), 2pm, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Holographic quantum error correcting codes
  • July 28 (Thu), 1pm, Robert Jonsson
    Ph.D. Defense
  • July 6 (Wed.), 11am, room QNC 1501, Dr. Valentina Baccetti (Macquarrie University)
    Clausius entropy for bifurcate null surfaces and its application to the thermodynamic derivation of the Einstein equations
  • June 29 (Wed.), 3pm, Aidan Chatwin-Davies (CalTech)
    Demystifying Wheeler-de Witt 
  • June 21-24
    We are hosting the RQI-N2016 conference at the IQC!
  • June 20th (Mon.), 11am, Jason Pye and Aida Ahmadzadegan
    Test run of conference talks
  • June 15th (Wed.), 11am, Prof. Eduardo Martin-Martinez
    Low energy signatures of Causal sets and other Lorentz invariant Non-Local Theories
  • June 8th (Wed.), 3:30pm, Alfred Shapere (University of Kentucky)
    Quantizations of time crystals
  • June 3rd (Friday), 2pm, Dr. Stefan Nimmrichter (Singapore National University)
    Macroscopicity of Quantum Experiments
  • June 2nd (Thursday), PSI Master's defenses at PI
    11am: Maria Papegeorgiou, On the implementation of a covariant ultraviolet cutoff
    2pm: Leilee Chojnacki, A new approach to superoscillations
  • May 11 (Wednesday), 10am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Black Hole Complementarity: Beyond Semiclassicality
  • May 5 (Thursday), 11am in room 400 at PI, Dr. William Donnelly (UCSB) 
    Entanglement of Spacetime

Winter 2016

  • April 21st (Thursday), 10:30am, room QNC1501, AK talks at the Indian Canadian Research Colloquium
    How to integrate by differentiating
  • April 20th, 10:30am, Prof. Sukhdev Roy (Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India)
    Optical Information processing with natural photoreceptor proteins
  • April 13th, 11am, Maria Papageorgiou (UW,PI)
    On energy conditions and entanglement inequalities
  • April 6th, 11am, Yasaman Yazdi (UW,PI)
    Entanglement entropy in causal set theory
  • March 23rd, 11am, Daniel Grimmer
    Emergence of open dynamics from general repeated interactions, and its applications
  • March 16:
    2:30pm, Prof. José A. Zapata (UNAM, Mexico)
    Observable currents
    10:00am, Jon Herman, (Pure Math, UW)
    On Noether's theorem and the Legendre transform
  • March 10, (Thursday), 1:30pm, Jason Pye, David Layden, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Test runs of March Meeting talks
  • March 9, 12 noon, Meenu Kumari (UW / WLU)
    In search of quantum analogs of classical chaos and synchronization
  • March 2, 10am, András Molnár (Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany)
    Rapid adiabatic generation of Gibbs states
  • February 24, 4:30pm, Nayeli Azucena Rodriguez Briones (IQC)
    Heat-Bath algorithmic cooling with correlated qubit-environment interactions
  • February 17, 2pm, Naoki Watamura (UW / Nagoya University, Japan)
    Introduction to entanglement entropy of gauge fields and its boundary condition
    February 17, 11am, Eric Hanson (McGill)
    Landauer's principle in repeated interaction systems (slides)
  • February 10, 12:30pm, Yongmin Cho (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou)
    Abelian Decomposition of Einstein’s Theory
  • February 3, 11am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
    Asymptotically limitless quantum energy teleportation. 
  • January 20, 11am, Alvaro Alhambra (University College London)
    On quantum thermodynamics
  • January 13 (Wed.), 11am, Prof. Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham)
    Low energy Lorentz violation for high-energy mode field dispersion

    Fall 2015

    • December 15, 10:30am (PHYS352), Cohl Furey
      Ph.D. defense
    • November 18, 11am, Dr. Electra Eleftheriadou (IQC)
      How to amplify perfectly (just not every time)
    • November 16, 4pm, David Layden and Nayeli Rodriguez (IQC)
      Indirect quantum control. Strong local passivity.
    • November 12, 5pm, AK talks to PM-AM-C&O Club
      How to integrate by differentiating and other wild new math inspired by physics and engineering.
    • November 4, 11am, Dr. Eric Brown (Barcelona)
      What does it mean for half of an empty box to be full?
    • October 27, 2pm, Simon Foreman (Stanford)
      The effective field theory of cosmological large scale structure
    • October 14, 11am, Natacha Altamirano (UW,PI)
      Continuous quantum measurements and feedback
    • October 7 (Wednesday), 11am, Dr. Josh Combes (UW, PI)
      Times They Are A-Changin’:  characterizing time dependent sources and gates
    • September 23 (Wednesday), 11am, Dr. Chris Ferrie (University of Sydney, Australia)
      Self-guided quantum systems
    • September 16 (Wednesday) 11am, Katja Ried (UW, PI)
      On causality in quantum theories
    • Sept. 12 (Saturday) 5:00pm, Mikhail Panine (at Perimeter Institute) 
      Numerical spectral geometry

      Workshop Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
    • Sept. 12 (Saturday) 4:15pm, AK (at Perimeter Institute)
      Infinitesimal spectral geometry
      Workshop Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
    • Sept. 1 (Tuesday), 2pm, Aidan Chatwin-Davies (CalTech)
      How to retrieve a qubit from a black hole 

      Spring/Summer 2015

      • August 25th, (Tuesday), 2pm, Pablo Rodriguez-Lopez (CNRS, Paris XI)
        Stochastical approach to the Casimir effect
      • August 12th (Wednesday), 2pm, Prof. Benni Reznik (Tel Aviv University)
        Superoscillations underlying remote state preparation for relativistic fields
      • August 12th (Wednesday), 10am, Prof. Masahiro Hotta (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
        The fall of black hole firewalls
      • August 11 (Tuesday), 2pm, Dr. William Donnelly (UCSB)
        Entanglement entropy and the electromagnetic field
      • July 14 (Tuesday), 4pm, Prof. Gaetano Fiore (Universita' di Napoli and INFN)
        Laser-driven acceleration mechanisms of plasma electrons, and the slingshot effect
      • June 24 (Wednesday), 10:30am, Prof. Valerio Scarani (National University of Singapore)
        Quantum Randomness
      • June 23 (Tuesday), 4pm, Lucas Hackl (Penn State)
        Entangled spin network states in Loop Quantum Gravity
      • June 18 (Thursday), 12pm, Dr. Mercedes Martin-Benito (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands)
        Gauge-invariant formulation and hybrid quantization of flat FRW cosmologies with linear perturbations
      • June 11 (Space Room, PI), 2:30pm, AK​
        How to (path) integrate by differentiating
      • June 9, 2pm, Dr. Bruno Hartmann (Humboldt University Berlin)
        Operationalization of Basic Observables in Classical and Relativistic Dynamics
      • May 19, 4:30pm, Prof. Luis Garay (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
        Do stars die too long?
      • May 19, (MC6496), 2pm, Mikhail Panine
        Comprehensive exam​
      • May 13, (Time room, PI), 11am, Achim speaks at Perimeter Institute conference Information-Theoretic Foundations for Physics
        What if Nature is Bandlimited by a Planck-scale cutoff? 
      • May 12, 2pm, Prof. Silke Weinfurtner (University of Nottingham)
        Hydrodynamic simulation of black holes
      • May 7, 11am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
        High-dimensional Quantum Key Distribution using Orbital Angular Momenta of Photons
      • May 5, 2pm, Robert Jonsson
        On Quantum Speed Limits

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      Winter 2015

      • Apr. 27, 11am, Prof. Sabine Hossenfelder (Nordita, Stockholm) 
        Analog Duality
      • Apr. 22, 11am, Mikhail Panine 
        On heat kernel methods
      • Apr. 15, 11am, Prof. Chris Bauch
        Mathematical modelling of coupled disease-behaviour dynamics, with application to childhood vaccine scares
      • Apr. 1, 11am, Emma McKay (IQC)
        Random State production in quantum chaos
      • Mar. 26 (Thursday), 10am, Nayeli Rodriguez (IQC)
        Achievable polarization for Heat-Bath Algorithmic Cooling
      • Mar. 18, 10:30am, Prof. Eduardo Martin-Martinez
        The Anti-Unruh effect, and weakness of firewalls
      • Mar. 11, 11am, Prof. Roger Melko (UW, PI)
        Quantum Monte Carlo and Entanglement Entropy
      • Mar. 4, 11am, Yasaman Yazdi, (UW,PI)
        Firewall Phenomenology with Astrophysical Neutrinos
      • Feb. 18, 2pm, Prof. Masahiro Hotta (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
        On Quantum Energy Teleportation
      • Feb. 18, 11am, Mehdi Saravani (UW, PI)
        Dark matter from spacetime nonlocality
      • Feb. 18, 10:30am, David Layden
        Test run of talk at APS meeting.
      • Feb. 11, 11am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
        Quantum energy teleportation in squeezed vacua
      • Feb. 4, 11am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
        Quantum energy teleportation and the controlled Hawking process
      • Jan. 28, 11am, Robert Jonsson
        Matrix product states
      • Jan. 21, 11am, Guillaume Verdon-Akzam
        On the recovery of quantum information from black holes
      • Jan. 15, 11am, Prof. Jorma Louko (Univ. of Nottingham)
        Superconducting circuit boundary conditions beyond the Dynamical Casimir Effect
      • Jan. 14, 11am, Dr. Casey Myers (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)
        Vibrationally Enhanced Quantum Transport
      • Jan. 7, 11am, Prof. Jorma Louko (Univ. of Nottingham, U.K.)
        How long does it take Unruh de Witt detectors to thermalize?
      • Achim in Australia and New Zealand for lectures, talks and conferences (at UWA, U. Sydney, UQ, RQI-S2014 and CosPa2014).
      • September 24, 1:30 pm: Marius Oltean
        Cosmological perturbations in antigravity
      • September 11, 2:00 pm: Oleg Kabernik
        Quantum reference frames and the Poincaré symmetry
      • September 3, 2:30 pm: Alejandro Pozas (Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI))
        Hot electrons as the source of photocurrent in graphene

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      Spring/summer 2014

      • August 29, 11:00 am: Prof. Shih-Yuin Lin (Chang Hua University, Chang Hua and Academia Sinica, Taipei)
        Unruh effect under non-equilibrium conditions
      • August 27, 2:30 pm: Aidan Chatwin-Davies (California Institute of Technology),
        AdS/MERA and beyond
      • August 25, 2:30 pm: Daniel Huemmer (Universities of Waterloo and Heidelberg),
        On Unruh-DeWitt detectors
      • August 14, 2:00 pm: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        Review of quantum energy teleportation
      • August 13, 2:30 pm: Jeremy Sakstein (Cambridge University, U.K.)
        Testing theories of modified gravity using astrophysics
      • August 6, 2:30 pm: Nathan Killoran (University of Ulm, Germany),
        Extracting entanglement from identical particles
      • July 11, 1:30 pm: William Donnelly and Jason Pye,
        On the continuous wavelet transform
      • July 9, 2:00 pm: Shane Farnsworth, (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Predictions of non-commutative geometry: the sigma field
      • July 2, 2:30 pm: Daniel Guariento (Universidade de São Paulo and PI),
        Evolution of cosmological black holes: exact solutions, accretion and scalar fields
      • July 2, 11:00 am: William Donnelly,
        On methods for calculating entanglement entropy
      • June 24, 10:00 am: Robert Martin (University of Cape Town),
        On the dilation of quantum channels
      • June 4, 2:30 pm: Cohl Furey (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Charge quantization from a number operator
      • May 23, 2:30 pm: Hans Westman (Instituto de Física Fundamental, (CSIC), Madrid, Spain),
        Signature change, dark energy, and Cartan gravity with dynamical symmetry breaking
      • May 7, 10:00 am: Prof. Fedele Lizzi (University of Napoli, Italy),
        Quantum spacetime, the view from below

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      Winter 2014

      • April 30: Nick Menicucci (University of Sydney),
        Continuous-variable cluster states: powerful extensible cluster states
      • April 24, 10:00 am: Angus Prain (Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec),
        Building a black hole in the bathroom or otherwise
      • April 23: Shane Farnsworth (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Applications of non-associative geometry
      • April 16: Aharon Brodutch (Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)),
        Weak measurements and the two-state vector formalism
      • April 2: Achim Kempf,
        New Dirac delta function methods for perturbative expansions in quantum field theory and beyond
      • March 26: Prof. Barry Sanders (University of Calgary),
        Evolutionary algorithms for hard quantum control
      • March 19, 2:30 pm: Guillaume Verdon-Akzam (McGill University),
        On the Unruh vacuum
      • March 19, 11:00 am: Prof. William Kinney (State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo),
        Review of the BICEP2 results and their implications for inflationary cosmology and quantum gravity
      • March 14, 12:45 pm: Prof. Enrique Solano (University of the Basque Country, Spain),
        New perspectives in quantum simulations
      • March 12: Marvellous Onuma-Kalu (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Mode invisibility and single photon detection
      • March 5: Siavash Aslanbeigi (University of Waterloo, PI),
        The causal set - continuum correspondence
      • February 26, 2:30 pm: Hilary Carteret
        Computationally accessible bounds for the negativity using replicas
      • February 19, 2:00 pm: Philipp Hoehn (PI),
        Quantization of systems with temporally varying discretization
      • February 12, 2:30 pm: Siavash Aslanbeigi (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Causal set d'Alembertians: continuum limit, spectrum, stability, and a new regulator for QFT
      • February 12, 10:30 am: Josh Combes (University of New Mexico),
        Limitations of quantum amplifiers
      • February 5: Cohl Furey (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Generations: three prints, in colour
      • January 29, 2:30 pm: Nosiphiwo Zwane (University of Waterloo, PI),
        Propagation of particles in the discrete spacetime of causal set theory
      • January 22, 2:30 pm: Bianca Dittrich (PI),
        Diffeomorphism symmetry in the discrete and perfect discretizations
      • January 15: Prof. Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham),
        Particle detectors near and beyond black hole horizons
      • January 8: Nick Menicucci (University of Sydney, Australia),
        Acceleration-assisted entanglement harvesting and rangefinding

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      Fall 2013

      • December 18, 10:30 am: Mikhail Panine
        Jet spaces and nonlinear PDEs
      • December 13, 10:30 am: Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll,
        Detecting majorana fermions and topological order in optical lattices
      • December 12, 2:30 pm, Time Room at PI: Achim Kempf,
        Curvature in terms of entanglement
      • December 12, 12:00 pm: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        Topics in quantum information II
      • December 11, 10:30 am: Jason Pye,
        From generalized uncertainty and commutation relations to sampling in QFT
      • December 4, 1:30 pm: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        Topics in quantum information I
      • December 4, 10:30 am: Daniel Huemmer,
        Weak measurements
      • November 27, 10:30 am: Robert Jonsson,
        Quantum theory of amplifiers
      • November 25, 4:00 pm: Aristide Baratin,
        Research proposal test run: combinatorial methods for quantum gravity
      • November 20, 10:30 am: Achim Kempf introduces three topics for journal club:
        Quantum amplifiers, Weak measurements, and Uncertainty and sampling
      • November 13, 10:30 am: Robert Jonsson,
        Review of a new paper by Pitkovski et al on gravitational decoherence
      • November 11, 2:00 pm: Maite Dupuis,
        Applications of Poisson Lie group
      • November 6, 10:30 am: Michael Hartz,
        Introduction to C* algebras
      • November 4, 2:00 pm: Prof. Florian Girelli,
        Introduction to Poisson Lie groups
      • October 30, 9:30 am:
        Eric Brown's qualifier from 11:00 am
      • October 23, 10:30 am: Ghazal Geshnizjani,
        Can non-local or higher derivative theories provide alternatives to inflation?
      • October 21, 2:00 pm: Aristide Baratin,
        A hint of group field theory
      • October 16, 10:30 am: Yasaman Yazdi (PI),
        A spacetime approach to computing entropy
      • October 9, 10:30 am, MC 6334: Latham Boyle (PI),
        The standard model from non-commutative geometry; and the non-associative extension
      • October 2, 10:30 am, MC 6331: Katja Ried (PI),
        Causal models: classical and quantum
      • September 20, 2:00 pm, MC 6334: Prof. Tim Ralph (University of Queensland, Australia),
        Relativistic quantum optics
      • September 18, 10:30 am, MC 6334: Aida Ahmadzadegan (University of Waterloo); William Donnelly, Test runs of Banff conference talks


      • Prof. Timothy Ralph (University of Queensland)
      • Nick Menicucci (University of Sydney)

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      Spring/summer 2013

      • August 19, 2:00 pm, MC 5158:
        Master's thesis defense by Aidan Chatwin-Davies.
        Examiners: Girelli, Afshordi, and Kempf. Chair: Scott.
      • August 14, 10:30 am: Chris Sutherland,
        On the role of locality in epistemic models
      • August 12, 10:00 am, MC 5158:
        Master's thesis defense by Eric Webster.
        Examiners: Nayak, Koenig, and Achim Kempf.
      • August 7, 10:30 am: Fabio Grazioso (University de Montreal),
        Uses of NV defects in diamonds: qubits, entanglement, single photon sources and QKD
      • July 31, 10:30 am: Eric Webster,
        High energy modifications of blackbody radiation and dimensional reduction
      • July 10, 10:30 am:
        Journal Club and report on RQI-N from Robert
      • June 26, 10:30 am: Michael Rouben,
        Scalar field perturbations in a bounce cosmology
      • June 19, 2:00 pm, Gravity Room at PI: Robert Jonsson,
        Quantum signalling with Unruh-DeWitt detectors
      • June 12, 10:30 am: William Donnelly,
        Euclidean Maxwell theory in curved spacetime
      • June 5, 2:00 pm, meet in the atrium at PI: Robert Martin (University of Cape Town)
        Representation theory of symmetric operators
      • May 30, 4:00 pm: John Klauder (University of Florida)
        Completing canonical quantization
      • May 29, 10:30 am: Xian Ma (IQC)
        Envariance: environmental assisted invariance
      • May 6, 3:30 pm: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        On the vacuum and path integrals

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      Winter 2013

      • April 29, 3:30 pm: Razieh Pourhasan (PI),
        On holographic entanglement entropy
      • April 22, 3:30 pm, Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC) B201: Dr. William Donnelly
        Einstein-aether inflation
      • April 8, 3:30 pm: Aron Wall, (UC Santa Barbara),
        Maximin surfaces and holographic entanglement entropy
      • April 1, 3:30 pm:
        Journal Club
      • March 25, 3:30 pm: Yigit Subasi (University of Maryland),
        Equilibration in the strong coupling regime
      • March 18, 3:30 pm:
        Projects update
      • March 4, 3:30 pm:
        Journal Club
      • February 25, 3:30 pm: Aharon Brodutch (IQC),
        Quantum discord
      • February 11, 3:30 pm:
        Journal Club
      • February 4, 3:30 pm: Hilary Carteret (PI),
        Some semi-classical relativistic effects that may be relevant to R-QIP using Unruh- squeezed states
      • January 28, 4:30 pm: Eugenio Bianchi (PI),
        Black hole entropy from graviton entanglement
      • January 21, 3:30 pm:
        10 minute summaries

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      Fall 2012

      • December 14, 10:00 am:
        Journal Club
      • December 7, 9:00 am: Luis Garay (Universidad Complutense de Madrid),
        Black holes: to be or not to be, that is the question
      • November 30, 10:30 am: Mehdi Saravani,
        Empty black holes, firewalls, and the origin of Beckenstein-Hawking entropy
      • November 23, 10 am: Eric Webster,
        Introduction to prolate spheroidal wavefunctions
      • November 16, 10:30 am:
        Journal Club
      • November 9, 10:00 am: Mikhail Panine,
        Progress report: numerical exploration of inverse spectral geometry for a set of surfaces in R3
      • November 2, 10:00 am: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        Processing quantum information with relativistic motion of atoms
      • October 26, 10:45 am: Robert Jonsson,
        Causal femion systems and the fermionic projector
      • October 19, 11:00 am: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        A fully-covariant natural ultraviolet cutoff in inflationary spacetimes
      • October 12, 10:00 am:
        Journal Club

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      Spring/summer 2012

      • August 23, 3:00 pm: Dr. Ghazal Geshnizjani,
        Scale-invariant perturbations without inflation, yes or no?
      • August 23, 12:00 pm, Research Advancement Centre (RAC) 2009: Thomas Blasi (Harvard),
        Coherent control of charge states in coupled quantum dots
      • August 22, 11:00 am: Dr. Robert Koenig,
        Limits on classical communication over quantum channels and their cryptographic use
      • August 15, 11:00 am, Dr. Ghazal Geshnizjani,
        Survey of issues in inflationary cosmology
      • July 13, 11:30 am: Nick Menicucci (University of Sydney),
        Acceleration-assisted entanglement harvesting
      • July 4, 11:00 am: Jaques Pienaar (University of Queensland),
        Quantum experiments in gravitational fields may lead to more than just decoherence
      • June 22, 2:00 pm: William Donnelly (University of Waterloo, University of Maryland),
        On the entanglement entropy of gauge fields
      • June 21, 2:00 pm: David Aasen, Aidan Chatwin-Davies, and William Donnelly,
        Test runs of their conference talks next week.
      • June 21, 11:00 am: Sebastian Probst (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany),
        Towards an erbium quantum memory for superconducting qubits
      • June 19, 11:00 am: Laurel Haskins-Stephenson (UCSC), two half-length talks on
        Introduction to holography and Aspects of spectral geometry
      • June 18, 11:00 am: Lucas Hackl (PI),
        Symplectic geometry, constrained systems and shape dynamics
      • June 15, 4:00 pm: Spiros Michalakis (CalTech),
        Introduction to quasi-adiabatic evolution
      • June 13, 2:30-3:00 pm: Mercedes Martin-Benito (PI),
        Introduction to loop quantum cosmology,
      • June 13, 3:15-3:45 pm: Sammy Ragi (University of Nottingham),
        The nature of correlations in ghost imaging
      • June 6, 2:00 pm, University de Montreal:
        Achim Kempf talks at Workshop on Geometry of Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions.
      • May 31, 11:00 am: Tejal Bhamre (Princeton University),
        On colored graphs
      • May 25, 3:00 pm, Sky Room at PI: Achim Kempf talks in PSI seminar,
        How spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete, in the same way that information can be
      • May 24, 2:00 pm: Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida),
        Affine quantum gravity: review and recent results
      • May 24, 11:00 am: David Aasen,
        On the spectral geometry of graphs
      • May 18, 2:00 pm: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        The Unruh-Dewitt detector model and its use in relativistic quantum information

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      Winter 2012

      • April 25, 11:00 am:
        Group discussion of projects
      • April 19, 11:00 am: Siavash Aslanbeigi (University of Waterloo and PI),
        On vacuum energy in cosmology
      • April 5, 11:00 am: Chris Ferrie,
        Negativity of the Wigner function is necessary for magic state distillation
      • April 2, 10:00 am: Robert Martin (University of Cape Town),
        Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces of square integrable functions
      • March 30, 2:30 pm: Robert Martin (University of Cape Town),
        Covariant sampling theory in cosmology
      • March 29, 11:00 am: David Rideout (UC San Diego),
        Testing Quantum Theory at large length/time scales with satellites - towards the scale of spacetime curvature and beyond
      • March 26, 10:00 am: Maite Dupuis (ENS Lyon, France),
        On harmonic oscillators in loop quantum gravity
      • March 22, 11:00 am: Eric Brown (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo),
        On quantum discord
      • March 19, 10:00 am:
        Group discussion of projects.
      • March 15, 11:35 am: Markus Mueller (PI),
        Concentration of measure for quantum states with a fixed expectation value
      • March 12, 9:00 am: Eduardo Martin-Martinez,
        Review of current research projects in relativistic quantum information
      • March 8, 10:00 am: Kiril Datchev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)),
        On inverse spectral geometry
      • March 5, 10:00 am: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        Review of a paper by Datchev & Hezari on spectral geometry IV
      • February 17, 10:30 am: Robert Jonsson,
        Review of a paper by Datchev & Hezari on spectral geometry III
      • February 10, 10:30 am: Mikhail Panine,
        Review of a paper by Datchev & Hezari on spectral geometry II
      • February 3, 10:30 am: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        Review of a paper by Datchev & Hezari on spectral geometry I
      • January 27, 10:30 am: Eric Webster,
        On the asymptotics of superoscillations
      • January 25, 9:30 am: David Bruschi (University of Nottingham),
        How cavities' motion affects entanglement
      • January 20: Jeff Hnybida (PI),
        BF-theory and spin foam models III
      • January 12: Jeff Hnybida (PI),
        BF-theory and spin foam models II

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      Fall 2011

      • December 15, 11:00 am: Jonathan Ziprick (PI),
        Relating loop quantum gravity and general relativity
      • December 9, 11:00 am: Mikhail, Aidan and Robert,
        15 minute applied functional analysis seminars.
      • December 7, 11:00 am: Yufang Hao,
        The Shannon sampling theorem: Fourier and functional analytic approach
      • November 30, 4:30 pm: Cedric Beny (University of Hannover, Germany),
        On entanglement renormalization
      • November 30, 11:00 am: Aharon Brodutch (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia),
        Polarized photon qubits in curved space-time
      • November 23, 11:00 am: Eric Webster,
        Properties of entanglement entropy
      • November 18, 11:00 am: Alexander Gutfraind (University of Texas at Austin),
        Aspects of network theory
      • November 17, 2:30 pm, MC 5136: Alexander (Sasha) Gutfraind (University of Texas at Austin),
        Computational problems on complex networks
      • November 16, 11:00 am: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        On the partial trace over subsystems II
      • November 11, 11:00 am: Aidan Chatwin-Davies,
        On the partial trace over subsystems I
      • November 9, Jeff Hnybida (PI),
        BF-theory and spin foam models I
      • November 3, 10:00 am: Eduardo Martin-Martinez (University of Madrid),
        Aspects of relativistic quantum information
      • November 2, 11:00 am: Hans Westman (University of Sydney and PI),
        Localized q-bits in curved spacetimes
      • October 27, 3:30 pm: (refreshments in PHY151), 4pm: Colloquium in PHY151, Prof. John Klauder, (University Florida),
        Affine quantization
      • October 26, 3:00 pm: Spiros Mikalakis (CalTech),
        Stability of frustration-free Hamiltonians II
      • October 24, 11:00 am: Aron Wall (UC Santa Barbara),
        On black hole thermodynamics
      • October 24, 4:00 pm, Time Room at PI: Spiros Michalakis (CalTech),
        Stability of frustration-free Hamiltonians I
      • October 19, 10:00 am: Chris Ferrie,
        On the sampling of probability distributions
      • October 19, 11:00 am: Federico Piazza (University de Paris 7),
        Spontaneous symmetry probing states
      • October 12, 11:00 am: Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida),
        On affine quantization methods
      • October 7, 10:30 am: Prof. Naoki Saito (UC Davis),
        New methods for radar and sonar
      • October 6, 3:30 pm: MC 5136, Prof. Naoki Saito (UC Davis), Harmonic/wavelet analysis on graphs and networks with applications
      • October 5, 11:00 am: Prof. Naoki Saito (UC Davis), Laplacian Eigenfunctions that do not feel the boundary: theory, computation and applications
      • October 4, 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Achim Kempf,
        Sampling of curvature II
      • October 3, 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Achim Kempf,
        Sampling of curvature I
      • September 28, 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Achim Kempf,
        Sampling theory
      • September 21, 3:30 pm: MC 5136:
        Master's defense by Eduardo Brandao.
      • September 21, 11:00 am: Achim Kempf,
        Generalized uncertainty relations II
      • September 19, 3:00 pm: in MC 5136:
        PhD defense by Yufang Hao
      • September 16, 4:00 pm: Yufang Hao:
        Test run of his PhD defense presentation
      • September 14, 11:00 am: Achim Kempf,
        Generalized uncertainty relations I


      • Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida)
      • Prof. Naoki Saito (University of California (UC) Davis)
      • Spiros Michalakis (California Institute of Technology)
      • Sasha Gutfraind (University of Texas)
      • Aron Wall (UC Santa Barbara)
      • Eduardo Martin-Martinez (University of Madrid)

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      Spring/summer 2011

      • August 25, 11:00 am: David Aasen (McGill University),
        Creating a spin polarized wave packet
      • August 24, 11:00 am: Tejal Bhamre (IIT Bombay & Princeton),
        Jet detection algorithms using Haar wavelets
      • August 18: M. Nica, E. Bembenek, and M. Panine
        presentations at Applied Math undergraduate research conference.
      • August 18, 11:00 am:
        M. Nica, E. Bembenek, and M. Panine give more trial runs of their conference talks.
      • August 17, 11:00 am:
        E. Bembenek and M. Panine give trial runs of their conference talks.
      • June 22, 11:00 am: Prof. J. Emerson,
        Ontological models for quantum theory
      • June 15, 11:00 am: E. Bembenek,
        On spikes in superoscillatory waves
      • June 8, 11:00 am: R. Pfeifer (University of Queensland and PI),
        Simulating anyons in condensed matter physics
      • June 2: 11:00 am: Mihai Nica,
        Models of competitive games and transitive versus nontransitive rankings II
      • May 25: 11:00 am: L. Stephenson Haskins, and I. Roth,
        Aspects of infinitesimal spectral geometry
      • May 18, 11:00 am: M. Panine,
        Dielectic Microresonators: applications, perturbative treatment and finite element simulation
      • May 11, 11:00 am: M. Nica,
        An evolutionary algorithm for leg dynamics,
        and Eric Bembenek,
        On stratified fluid flows
      • May 10, 10:00 am-5:00 pm:
        Summer project planning
      • May 4, 2:00 pm:
        Group discussion of research topics III
      • May 4, 11:00 am: M. Nica,
        Models of competitive games and transitive versus nontransitive rankings I
      • May 3, 11:00 am:
        Group discussion of research topics II
      • May 2, 1:00 pm:
        Group discussion of research topics I

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      Winter 2011

      • April 26, 3:00 pm: Achim Kempf gives Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQI) colloquium talk at CalTech, Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete in the same way that information can
      • April 8, 12:00 pm: Achim Kempf talks in Gravity Seminar at UC Santa Barbara, Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete in the same way that information can
      • March 30, 10:00 am: Eduardo Brandao, Gauge invariant perturbations on the 2-sphere
      • March 24, 11:30 am: Olaf Dreyer, On quasinormal modes of black holes
      • March 4: Achim Kempf gives seminar in Department of Mathematics at University of Toronto, Infinitesimal inverse spectral geometry and applications in mathematical physics
      • March 2: Alessio Orlandi (University of Bologna and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Italy), A Glimpse of the Kodama vector
      • February 28: Jay Olsen (University of Queensland, Australia), Timelike entanglement in the quantum vacuum
      • February 24: Achim Kempf gives colloquium at the Santa Fe Institute, Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete, in the same way that information can be
      • February 23: Achim Kempf gives colloquium at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete, in the same way that information can be
      • February 22: Achim Kempf gives colloquium at the LANL, High Tc superconductivity and the Casimir/van der Waals effect
      • February 2: F. Piazza (University de Paris 7), Modifying gravity in the Infrared by imposing an 'ultra-strong' equivalence principle
      • January 26: Andy Randono (PI), Torsional Skyrmions
      • January 19: Loic Markley (University of Toronto), Superresolution: theory and practice
      • January 12: Florian Conrady (PI), Space as a low-temperature regime of graphs

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      Fall 2010

      • December 20: Achim Kempf talks at Heidelberg University, Germany
      • December 17: Achim Kempf talks at Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), Potsdam, Germany
      • December 1: Alioscia Hamma (PI), Locality of dynamics and the structure of correlations in quantum many body systems
      • November 4, 2:30 pm, MC 5136: Frederic Schuller (Einstein Institute, Golm, Germany), TBA
      • October 29, 11:00 am: Alexander Gutfraind (LANL), On the resilience of networks
      • October 27: Mikhail Panine, two-part talk, On gravitational lensing/On the Helmholtz equation in dielectric cavities
      • October 20: Olaf Dreyer, Internal relativity: quantum gravity without quantization
      • October 14, MC 5136: Prof. Almut Burchard (University of Toronto), Convergence and smoothing properties of Steiner symmetrizations and other simple rearrangements
      • October 13, 9:00 am: mini workshop on entanglement entropy in quantum field theory.
        • Speakers: Miyake, Piazza, Casini, Myers, Smolkin, and Sinha.
      • October 6, 4:00 pm, Bob Room at PI: Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida), Proposal for divergence-free quantization of covariant scalar fields
      • October 6: Robert Martin, (UC Berkeley), On a covariant UV cutoff in cosmology
      • September 29: Eduardo Brandao, On H. Nielsen's random dynamics
      • September 22: Chris Ferrie, Optimal quantum state estimation
      • September 17, 11:00 am: Piero Nicolini (University of Frankfurt), Evaporating black holes in the presence of a minimal length
      • September 17, 2:00 pm: Benjamin Niedner, Hausdorff dimension of particle paths inquantum spacetime
      • September 17, 2:30 pm: Martin Sprenger, Neutrino oscillations in a minimal length model
      • September 13: Achim Kempf talks at CITA/PI meeting in Toronto.


      • Prof. Almut Burchard (University of Toronto), October 14
      • Frederic Schuller (AEI), October 26 - November 9
      • Robert Martin (UC Berkeley): October 4-9 and 11-14
      • Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida): October 5-8
      • Alexander Gutfraind (Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S.)
      • Piero Nicolini (University of Frankfurt): September 15-October 1
      • Benjamin Niedner, Martin Sprenger: September 11-18

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      Spring/summer 2010

      • August 1-15: Achim Kempf teaches at a summer school in Ftan, Switzerland.
      • July 7: Mathieu Cliche, On the propagation of quantum information in field quanta
      • June 30, 3:00 pm: Tejal Bhamre, On inverse spectral geometry
      • June 30, 11:00 am: David Aasen, On quantum fluctuations
      • June 29, 6:00 pm: Group dinner at Mandarin Restaurant
      • June 29, 11:00 am: Olaf Dreyer, Review of Sakharov's induced gravity
      • June 24, 2:00 pm: Eduardo Brandao, Aspects of spectral geometry II
      • June 23, 11:00 am: Michel Elnaggar, MIMO systems
      • June 16: Eduardo Brandao, Aspects of spectral geometry
      • June 2: Miok Park, Holographic normalization of asymptotically flat spacetimes
      • June 1, 11:30 am, Physics (PHY) 235: Achim Kempf gives Physics Seminar (PHYS 10) lecture to physics undergraduates on spacetime and information
      • May 26: Matt Coles (McMaster University), TBA
      • May 19: Robert Pfeiffer (University of Queensland, Australia), Interacting Fibonacci anyons and defects in conformal field theory
      • May 7: Andrzej Dragan (University of Warsaw, Poland), On the black hole information paradox
      • May 5: Cohl Furey (PI), Unified theory of ideals


      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)

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      Winter 2010

      • April 28: Olaf Dreyer, On emergent gravity
      • April 7: Andy Randono (PI), TBA
      • March 29: Hans Westman (University of Sydney, Australia), On the parallel transport of qubits
      • March 24: Chris Ferrie, Bayesian probability in quantum theory
      • March 10: Piero Nicolini, Evaporating black holes in the presence of a minimal length
      • February 24: Olaf Dreyer, Internal relativity, early universe cosmology IV
      • February 10: Olaf Dreyer, Internal relativity, early universe cosmology III
      • February 3: Olaf Dreyer, Gravity as an entropic force - discussion of Verlinde's paper
      • January 27: Eduardo Brandao, A review of spectral geometry
      • January 10: Achim Kempf talks at Department of Mathematics, University of Goettingen.


      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)

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      Fall 2009

      • Achim Kempf traveling in Australia and Europe
      • November 17: Olaf Dreyer, Internal relativity, early universe cosmology II
      • November 11: Olaf Dreyer, Internal relativity, early universe cosmology I
      • October 21: Radu Ionicioiu (Hewlett-Packard Lab, Bristol, U.K.), Generalized parity measurements: an entanglement resource
      • October 14: Nick Menicucci, (PI): Entangling power of an expanding universe
      • October 7, 9:00 am: Kamil Bradler (McGill University): What can the Unruh effect say about the additivity of the classical and quantum capacity of cloning channels?
      • September 16, 2:00 pm, Bob Room at PI: Achim Kempf talks in PI colloquium, Spacetime can be discrete and continuous, in the same way that information can
      • September 9, Achim Kempf talks at King's College in the University of Western Ontario, On physics and consciousness
      • September 2, Angus Prain (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Italy), On superoscillations

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      Spring/summer 2009

      • August 24: Achim Kempf talks at Emergent Gravity IV conference at UBC, (Vancouver), Spacetime could be simultaneously discrete and continuous, in the same way that information can
      • August 20, MC 5136: Chuck, Peter, Raymond and Simon talk in the summer students' research conference.
      • August 13: Oliver Winkler, Market efficiency
      • August 12: Chuck Bronson, Filtering for time-varying bandwidths
      • August 6, 11:00 am: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? VII
      • August 5: Peter Forbes, On the Casimir effect in high temperature superconductors
      • August 5: Raymond Su, On the design of radar signals
      • July 29: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? VI
      • July 23: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? V
      • July 22 Mathieu Cliche, Extracting entanglement from the vacuum
      • July 15: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? IV
      • July 8: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? III
      • July 6, 3:00 pm: Simon Foreman, On the Casimir effect in high temperature superconductors
      • June 24: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? II
      • June 17: Oliver Winkler, Bonds, stocks, options: how much should you pay for them? I
      • June 11, 2:30 pm, PI Bistro: Achim Kempf, Information theoretic UV cutoff of spacetime II
      • June 4, 2:30 pm, PI Bistro: Achim Kempf, Information theoretic UV cutoff of spacetime
      • May 27, 11:00 am: Mathieu Cliche, Information flow in quantum fields
      • May 20, 11:00 am: Elias Okon, On Berry phases
      • May 14, 11:00 am: Cedric Beny (Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University Singapore): Joint measurability and preserved observables
      • May 13, 11:00 am: Hongbao Zhang (PI), S-matrix without local quantum field theory
      • May 12, 2:00 pm, MC 5136: Rob Martin (UC Berkeley) gives departmental seminar, Symmetric operators and sampling theory

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      Fall 2008/winter 2009

      • Achim Kempf on sabbatical in Europe and Australia.

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      Spring/summer 2008

      • August 13: Mathieu Cliche and Jeff Li give test runs of their conference presentations
      • August 6, William Donnelly, On entanglement in quantum field theory
      • July 31, 2:00 pm: Angus Prain, Semi-classical gravity and backreation
      • July 9, Yufang Hao: Stability of reconstruction in non-uniform sampling
      • July 2: Achim Kempf, On the Casimir effect in High Tc superconductors II
      • June 18: Achim Kempf, On the Casimir effect in High Tc superconductors I
      • June 11: Hongbao Zhang, Generalized second law, covariant entropy bound and the cosmological constant problem
      • June 4: Yufang Hao, Introduction to rate-distortion theory
      • May 28, Sabine Hossenfelder (PI), Observables of quantum gravity at the LHC
      • May 15, 2:00 pm, Alice Room at PI: Prof. John Klauder, Affine quantum gravity: a different view on a difficult problem
      • May 14, 10:00 am, Physics (PHYS) 352: Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida), Path integration: an historical slice
      • May 9, 10:00 am, MC 5158: William Donnelly's Master's defense
      • May 8, 10:00 am, MC 5136: Angus Prain's Master's defense
      • May 7, 9:30 am, MC 5136: Rob Martin's PhD defense

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      Winter 2008

      • April 30, 11:30 am: Cedric Beny, Basics of superconductivity II
      • April 28, 11:30-12:30 pm, Bob Room at PI: Achim Kempf talks at PI conference Quantum Information and Graph Theory: emerging connections. Title: A Unifying View of Graph Theory in Quantum Field Theory (work with D.M. Jackson and A. Morales).
      • April 25, 2:00 pm: Alejandro Borbonet, Bekenstein bounds and spectral geometry
      • April 23, William G. Davis Computer Research Centre (DC) 1304: Graduate student research conference (Achim Kempf acts as judge).
      • April 22, 11:00 am: Iraida Carnero, Noncommutative geometry and integrable models
      • April 16: Franklin Marquezino, Simulations of quantum walks
      • April 9, 11:00 am, Robert Martin, Time-varying bandwidths and invariant subspaces of differential operators
      • April 2: Renato Portugal, Quantum channel capacity and the Holevo bound
      • March 26: Cedric Beny, Basics of superconductivity I
      • March 5: Yufang Hao, Classical Shannon channel capacity
      • February 27, 4:00 pm, Bob Room at PI: Cedric Beny, Unsharp pointer observables and the structure of decoherence
      • February 13, David Ostapchuk, Entanglement creation in the fermionic Unruh effect
      • February 6: Renato Portugal, On quantum random walks
      • February 4, 2:30 pm, PHYS 352: Prof. Paul Smrz (University of Newcastle, Australia), special seminar jointly hosted with Department of Physics and Astronomy, 5D gravity and minimum length
      • January 30: Tom Waterhouse (PI), Cosmic variance of Ω
      • January 23, 11:00 am: Easwar Magesan, Identification of correctable codes via twirling
      • January 16: Cedric Beny, On the structure of decoherence


      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)
      • Alejandro Borbonet
      • Iraida Carnero
      • Prof. Paul Smrz
      • Harold Steinacker

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      Fall 2007

      • December 9-10: group takes part in PI workshop Quantum Information Theory in Quantum Gravity.
      • December 8: Achim Kempf, Rob Martin and Cedric Beny talk at Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) winter meeting in London, Ontario, in the special session on Quantum Information Theory in Quantum Gravity.
      • December 4: 11:00 am: Joe Henson (PI), On covariant discretizations II
      • November 27, 10:30 am: Federico Piazza (PI), On entanglement entropy in spacetime regions
      • November 20, 9:00 am: Joe Henson (PI), On covariant discretizations I
      • November 13: 10:00 am: Hongbao Zhang talks on entanglement entropy and related issues.
      • November 5-9: Achim Kempf co-organizes workshop at PI, Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity
      • November 3, 3:00 pm, MC 5158: Prof. Ahmed Zayed (DePaul University, Chicago) talks on sampling theory in colloquium.
      • October 23, 10:00 am: Angus talks on superoscillations and quasilattices
      • October 16, 10am in MC 6091: Chris Ferrie review of a paper with J. Emerson.
      • October 11: Achim Kempf talks in Physics at UBC.
      • October 9, 10:00 am, MC 6091: John Madore (Paris), Aspects of noncommutative geometry
      • October 6: Rob Martin and Yufang Hao talk at AMS meeting in Chicago.
      • September 17-21: Achim Kempf talks at QFEXT07 conference in Leipzig, Germany.
      • September 4-7: Achim Kempf co-organizes conference at University of Wuerzburg, Germany, Initial Conditions in Cosmology


      • Prof. John Madore (Paris)
      • Prof. Ahmed Zayed (Chicago)
      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)
      • Prof. Bill Unruh (University of British Columbia)
      • Prof. Jens Niemeyer (Wuerzburg)

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      Spring/summer 2007

      • August 5-18: Achim Kempf teaches at summer school on quantum information, Ftan, Switzerland.
      • July 17: Yufang Hao, comprehensive exam.
      • July 10, 11:30 am: William Donnelly report on Loops'07 conference.
      • July 3, 11:30 am: Rob Martin report on SAMPTA07 conference.
      • June 25-30: William Donnelly talks at Loops'07 conference in Morelia, Mexico.
      • June 16-23: Achim Kempf at GRAVTUM1 conference.
      • June 6-8: Yufang Hao talks at IEEE Canadian workshop on information theory, Edmonton.
      • June 1-6: Achim Kempf and Rob Martin talk at SAMPTA07 conference.
      • May 29, 11:30 am: Cedric report on Zakopane Winter School III.
      • May 15, 11:30 am: Cedric report on Zakopane Winter School II.
      • May 1, 11:30 am: Angus report on Zakopane Winter School I.
      • April 24, 11:00 am, Bob Room at PI: Mauro Francaviglia, (University of Torino, Italy): Dark energy as a curvature effect in nonlinear theories of gravity
      • April 19, 2:00 pm, Alice Room at PI: Mauro Francaviglia, The geometry of Barbero Immirzi connections
      • April 17, 11:30 am: William, Entanglement entropy in loop quantum gravity
      • April 10, 10:00 am, MC 5136: Cedric, comprehensive exam.
      • March 27, 11:30 am: Robert Brout, on random walks.


      • Prof. Mauro Francaviglia (University of Torino)
      • Prof. John Klauder (University of Florida)
      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)

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      Winter 2007

      • March 20, 10:00 am: Bernhard Bodmann, Quantum communications and an optimization problem for POVMs
      • March 13, 11:30 am: Angus Prain, On the effective action of QFT in curved space, (to be confirmed).
      • February 27, 11:30 am: Alejandro Morales, Intro to the effective action and graphs in QFT (5)
      • February 14, 11:30 am: Group photo opportunity.
      • February 13, 11:30 am: Achim Kempf, Intro to the effective action and graphs in QFT (4)
      • February 6, 11:30 am: Achim Kempf, Intro to the effective action and graphs in QFT (3)
      • January 30, 11:00 am, Bob Room at PI: Serge Winitzki, Quantum gravity and the conditions at the birth of the universe
      • January 30, 9:00 am: Achim Kempf, Intro to the effective action and graphs in QFT (2)
      • January 26, 9:00-10:30 am, Bob Room at PI: Florian Koch, Intro to Quantum Groups (V)
      • January 25, 2:00 pm: Florian Koch talks in PI's quantum gravity seminar.
      • January 25, 9:00-10:30 am, Bob Room at PI: Florian Koch, Intro to Quantum Groups (IV)
      • January 23, 11:30 am: Achim Kempf, Intro to the effective action and graphs in QFT (1)
      • January 22, 9:00-10:30 am, Bob Room at PI: Florian Koch, Intro to Quantum Groups (III)
      • January 19, 9:00-10:30 am, Bob Room at PI: Florian Koch, Intro to Quantum Groups (II)
      • January 18, 9:00-10:30 am, Bob Room at PI: Florian Koch, Intro to Quantum Groups (I)


      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)
      • Florian Koch (University of Munich)
      • Serge Winitzki (University of Munich)
      • Mauro Francaviglia (University of Torino)
      • Wenfeng Chen

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      Fall 2006

      • December 8, 9:00 am (broadcast to Wuerzburg): Rob Martin, Sampling theoretic UV cutoff on curved spacetime
      • December 6, 11:00 am: Alejandro, Gravitational entropy and Fisher information
      • December 4, 3:30pm: Wenfeng Chen, Wavelets II
      • November 27, 9:00 am, MC 5158: Cedric's comprehensive seminar, Transmission of observables through quantum channels
      • November 24, 2:00 pm: Cedric gives test run of his comprehensive seminar.
      • November 20, 9:00 am (via video conference from Wuerzburg): Tim, Loop quantum cosmology II
      • November 13, 3:30pm: Wenfeng Chen, Wavelets I
      • November 7, 2:00 pm (via video-conference from PI): A. Green, Dark matter in cosmology
      • November 6, 9:00 am: Cedric Beny, Introduction to loop quantum cosmology
      • October 30, 4:00 pm: Wenfeng Chen, From Fourier to wavelets
      • October 16, 9:00 am: Angus, Introduction to quantum cosmology
      • October 9: No seminar due to Thanksgiving.
      • October 2: Hauke Haseler (IQC), Continuous quantum information and entanglement
      • September 25: Cedric, Locking quantum information
      • September 20: David, A model for mode creation in cosmology
      • September 13: Larissa Lorenz (IAP, Paris), Two field inflation
      • September 5-8: Achim Kempf and Justin Khouri run international workshop at PI, Planck scale cutoff in expanding spacetimes
      • September 1, 11:00 am: Tom Waterhouse (University of British Columbia), Chameleon inflation


      • Wenfeng Chen
      • Alejandro Borbonet
      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles)

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      Spring/summer 2006

      • August 16: Chris, test run of his summer conference talk
      • August 2: Chris, Introduction to phase space quantization
      • July 5: Cedric, On operator quantum error correction and information flow in measurements
      • July 5: Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge University), Negative, uncommon, and private information
      • June 21: Angus, Double special relativity
      • June 7: David, The cosmic microwave background II
      • May 31: Adeel, On quantum fluctuations
      • May 24: Joseph, Discrete vs. continuous randomization of quantum systems
      • May 17: David, The cosmic microwave background I
      • May 12: Bernhard, On quantum noise
      • May 10: John Madore (visitor from University Paris Sud), The fuzzy sphere
      • May 3: Cedric, On loop quantum cosmology
      • April 26: Yufang, Spectral methods in DEs

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      Winter 2006

      • April 5: Rob: On sectional curvature bounds
      • March 29: William: On the holographic principle
      • March 22, 11:00 am, Bob Room at PI: Discussion of WMAP results
      • March 8: Sasha, On the genetic code, as a code
      • February 22: Cedric, Aspects of Shannon information and data compression
      • February 15: Sasha, Mechanisms leading tyo power laws
      • February 8: Sasha, Examples of power laws
      • February 1: Rob, Sampling theory on curved space
      • 25 January: William, Review of the gauge principle


      • Prof. Robert Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
      • Alessio Notari (McGill University)
      • Alejandro Borbonet (University of Mato Grosso, Brazil)

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      Fall 2005

      • 29 November: discussion with audio/visual people re lab.
      • 15 November: Cedric, POVM versus von Neumann measurements II
      • 8 November: Cedric, POVM versus von Neumann measurements I
      • 1 November: William reports on his summer research, with Richard Cleves, on mutually unbiased bases and related issues.
      • 25 October, MC 5158: Oliynyk (Potsdam), Newtonian Limit for Perfect Fluids
      • 18 October: Sasha talks on mathematical models in epidemiology.
      • 11 October: David continues his report on the conference in Brazil.
      • 26 September, 2:00 pm: David reports on the conference in Brazil.
      • 20 September, 3:00 pm: Joseph reviews decoherence vs. dissipation.
      • 13 September: Joseph reviews decoherence.
      • 7 September: Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge University), Locking information in black holes

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      Spring/summer 2005

      • 30 April-9 May: Achim Kempf in Europe.
      • 16 May: Group discussion over lunch.
      • 24-26 May: Achim Kempf and Sasha at Origins conference at McMaster.
      • 30 May: Rob gives test run of his talk at CMS meeting.
      • 31 May: Achim Kempf and Sasha talk at Origins workshop in Hamilton.
      • 4-6 June: Achim Kempf organizes special session at CMS meeting.
      • 6 June: Rob talks at CMS conference.
      • 13 June: Organizational meeting and general discussion.
      • 16 June, 1:30 pm, MC 5158A: Achim Kempf talks on QCD in Sci. Comp./Comp. Math group.
      • 20 June: AG, AS, RM and YH report on CMS conference.
      • 29 June: Rob reports on CMS conference, reviewing the adiabatic theorem in quantum computing.
      • 30 June, 1:30 pm, MC 5158A: Achim Kempf talks on QCD in Sci. Comp./Comp. Math group.
      • 4 July: Yufang talks on Symmetric vs self-adjoint operators and sampling I
      • 11 July: Yufang talks on Symmetric vs self-adjoint operators and sampling II
      • 18 July: David on Quantum dissipative systems
      • 25 July, 2:00 pm, Bob Room at PI: David, Inflation and violation of Bell inequalities
      • 26 July, 1:30pm, MC 5136: Sasha, Genetic algorithms
      • 2 August: Cedric, Decoherence
      • 8 August: Cedric finishes decoherence and Yufang and Adeel talk on self-adoint extensions and sampling, and vacuum fluctuations.
      • 11 August: Adeel and Yufang present at the summer student conference.
      • 12 August, 1:00 pm: Cedric finishes on noiseless subsystems.
      • August 12, 1:30 pm: Discussion on decoherence with visitor Dr. Jens Eisert (Potsdam).
      • 13-27 August: Achim Kempf in Europe.
      • 29 August: Joe reviews quantum to classical transition.
      • 8 September: Joe reviews decoherence.


      • B. Bodmann (University of Texas), end of May
      • Prof. Robert Brout, (University of Bruxelles), mid-July to mid-August

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      Winter 2005

      • January 31: Sasha, From crystals to quasicrystals
      • February 4: David, Growing lattices in cosmology
      • February 10: Rob, Aspects of sampling theory I
      • February 14: Rob, Aspects of sampling theory II
      • February 21: Rob, Aspects of sampling theory III
      • February 28: Sasha, Euler-Maclaurin
      • March 3: Achim Kempf talks at Guelph Math student club (1:00 pm) and at Guelph Math Colloquium, (3:00 pm).
      • March 7: Sasha, Euler Maclaurin
      • March 21: Sasha reports on his visit to CRM Montreal.
      • March 28: David, Coherent states
      • April 4: David, Squeezed states
      • April 25, MC 5136: Sasha, Path integration


      • Prof. J. Patera (CRM and University of Montreal), mid-January
      • Prof. R. Brout (University Libre de Bruxelles), end of January/early February and all of April
      • G. Mangano (University of Naples, Italy and Syracuse, New York), mid-March
      • Prof. R. Easther (Yale University), mid-March

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      Fall 2004

      • September 20: group is at COSMO-04.
      • September 27: conference reviews.
      • October 4: conference reviews.
      • October 11: holiday (Thanksgiving).
      • October 12: Achim Kempf talks at Guelph.
      • October 18: Larissa on backreaction.
      • October 25: Sven on backreaction.
      • November 1: David on introducing aspects of inflation.
      • November 8: David on squeezed states in inflation.
      • November 15: David on temporal coherence of inflationary fluctuations.
      • November 22: David on quantum to classical transition.
      • November 29: David on decoherence in inflation.

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      Spring/summer 2004

      • May 3: Bernhard Bodmann on measures of entropy.
      • May 10: Not available.
      • May 17: Tom on the Casimir effect.
      • May 24: holiday (Victoria day).
      • May 31: Tyler on decoherence.
      • June 7: Rob on topics in sampling theory.
      • June 18, 11:00 am: reports on Winnipeg conference.
      • July 5: Sasha reports on Winnipeg conference.
      • July 12: Larissa on aspects of QFT I.
      • July 19: Larissa on aspects of QFT II.
      • July 26: Tom on aspects of phi^4 theory.
      • August 3: Tom on Feynman rules.
      • August 9: Sasha on the genetic code.
      • August 19: Tom on Casimir effect.
      • August 23: Larissa on path integral in QFT (I).
      • August 30: Sven on path integral in QFT (II).
      • September 7: Rob on back reaction.
      • September 13: discussion.

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      Winter 2004

      • February 9: Sasha on negative entropy.
      • February 16: Rob on sampling I.
      • February 23: Rob on sampling II.
      • March 1: Tom on vacuum fluctuations.
      • March 8: Matt on superoscillations.
      • March 15: Rob on mode creation mechanism.
      • March 22: Rob (20 minutes) and Tyler on Q. info.
      • March 29: Larissa on singularity in mode equation.
      • April 5: Amjad on the adiabatic theorem.

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