The President’s Anti-racism Taskforce (PART)

The University of Waterloo strives to support an equitable environment where everyone in our community can learn, grow and thrive. In 2020, we formed the President’s Anti-racism Taskforce (PART) and made a public commitment to engage our community and address systemic racism across our campuses.

Consulting with groups across our community, members of the Taskforce have carefully and thoughtfully prepared a series of recommendations to advance this critical mission. I am pleased to receive PART’s comprehensive report with eighty-eight recommendations to address racism in all its forms at the University. 

Anti-racism is the shared responsibility of the entire community – not that of a specific leader or a campus unit. Everyone in the University community is being urged to take action to ensure that the PART recommendations are successfully implemented.

Faculty members, students and staff are encouraged to work together to assist and support those accountable for PART’s recommendations, and to look for ways to implement anti-racism into their daily work. This includes supporting ongoing initiatives happening across the university, including the great work coming out of the recently created Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism and Office of Indigenous Relations. 

Vivek Goel
President and vice-chancellor

Vivek Goel

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