The President's Anti-racism Taskforce

The President’s Anti-racism Taskforce is team of advisors representing Black, Indigenous and other racialized peoples, who will help advance anti-racism initiatives at the University. PART reports to the President of the University.


  • Encourages collaboration across working groups considering each of the thematic areas
  • Guides broad consultations towards recommendations for the President’s Anti-racism Taskforce working groups
  • Facilitates continued community collaboration
  • Collects widespread feedback on the six thematic areas for action
  • Supports opportunities for campus-wide discussion on racism, with specific focus on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism  
  • Recommends on designs and approaches for institutional change through the guidance of our engaged BIPOC community members
  • Organizes and makes recommendations related to the working group deliberations


  • Jean Becker
  • Charmaine Dean (Executive Designate, The PART Coordinator)
  • Katrina Di Gravio 
  • Kalpita Gaitonde
  • Anne Galang 
  • Nigel Henriques 
  • Gursharan Kahlon
  • Zabeen Khamisa 
  • Lili Liu
  • Colleen Phillips-Davis
  • Angeline Ram 
  • Naima Samuel 
  • Robin Stadelbauer