Our vision

Our mission and vision capture some of the perspectives gleaned from our early discussions with members of our Black, Indigenous and other racialized campus community.

Our work and engagement are ongoing, and the approaches reflected below require continued validation from our engaged community members.

Ending systemic racism: Our mission

To weave anti-racism into the fabric and culture of all campus operations, communities, pedagogy and lifestyle.

Ending systemic racism: Our vision

We envision an equitable institution where all faculty, students and staff can learn, grow and thrive; where they feel valued, empowered, represented and safe.

Guiding principles

We can be proud of a culture that fosters belonging and an environment that supports community members to reach their full potential. This is what we’re striving for. These principles ground our engagements, are fundamental to our planning, and are at the core of any action we take.

  • Black, Indigenous and Other Racialized Peoples Centered

    Diverse BIPOC voices must lead, must be amplified and must be at the centre of our work. 

  • Black, Indigenous and Other Racialized Peoples Inclusivity

    Diverse identities and voices within BIPOC communities must be heard, respected and celebrated.

  • Openness

    Ending systemic racism requires acknowledgement and action towards structural change.  

  • Awareness

    Open listening, learning, and acknowledgement of racism is the only way to broaden our understanding and end racism on our campus.

  • Assessment

    At every step, assessment and evaluation must be conducted in collaboration with Black, Indigenous and other racialized stakeholders to maintain alignment with our goals and vision. 

  • Responsibility

    Transparency and accountability must be formalized by establishing specific and measurable goals.

  • Resourced

    Appropriate and dedicated resources must be put towards immediate action.

Last Updated: September 16, 2020