Code of Conduct and Safety Working Group

Recommendation Accountability18 Metrics/Key Performance Indicators (KPIS)19 Status of Recommendation20
11 | The Taskforce recommends the following changes to Policy 33, presented with the goal of fostering feelings of safety across campus: define racism, ensure the visibility of the issue, clarify the application of the policy, and support individuals who experience racism. University Secretary Policy 33, based on the recommendations from the Taskforce, is revised. A Senior Manager, Anti-racism Response, whose role is referred to in the revised Policy 33, has been hired.
12 | The Taskforce recommends that the University include information on or reference to professional codes of conduct in Policy 71. University Secretary Policy 71, based on the recommendations from the Taskforce, is revised.  
13 | The Taskforce recommends the use of an Anti-Racism Statement in all course syllabi. AVP, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs and AVP, Academic The Anti-racism Statement is included in all course outlines/syllabi for graduate and undergraduate courses  
14 | The Taskforce recommends that four questions [in relation to Policy 8] should be clarified, in addition to others as determined appropriate by the University. University Secretary A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is added to the Policy 8 webpage.  
15 | The Taskforce proposes that training be available in four overarching thematic categories: Internal Reflection, Systemic and Institutional Influence, Community Engagement and Building and De-escalation Training and Crisis Prevention. Director, Special Constable Services At least one anti-racism course/workshop in each of the four recommended categories is available for Campus Security personnel to register in22 23 Some relevant trainings are available through the Office of EDI-R (in three of the four recommended categories).

22These trainings could be provided in collaboration with the EDI-R Office or with external institutions.

23An additional/alternative metric could be the number/proportion of Campus Security personnel who have completed at least one of the recommended training programs.