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Forms & Templates

Advertising Forms:
Faculty Identification/Mission Critical Form (DOC)
CAUT Authorization to Advertise Academic Vacancy Form (DOC)
CAUT Authorization to Advertise for CRC Tier 1 (DOC)
CAUT Authorization to Advertise for CRC Tier 2 (DOC)
Advertising Checklist (DOC)
Summary of Recruiting Efforts for UW Faculty Position (PDF)

Faculty Appointment Forms/Templates
Full Time Faculty Appointments (PDF)
Part Time Faculty Appointments (PDF)
Non Faculty Appointments (PDF)
Checklist for Continuing Lecturer Appointments (DOC)
Checklist for Exceptional Hire Appointments (DOC)
Reference Chart for Processing Faculty Appointments (DOC)
Appointment Letter Template: Probationary/Definite Term (DOC)
Appointment Letter Template: Tenure (DOC)
Appointment Letter Template: Re-appointment (DOC)
PhD Not Complete By Start Date (DOC)
PhD Complete After Start Date (DOC)
Offer Letter Statements (DOC)
Reduced Load/Fractional Load (DOC)
Request for Extension to Probationary Term (DOC)
Faculty Member Transfer Form (DOC)
Cross-Appointment (DOC)
Canada Research Chair (CRC)/Industrial Research Chair (IRC) appointment

Faculty Administrative Appointment/Re-Appointment Form:
Faculty Administrative Appointments (DOC)

Sabbatical Applications:
Sabbatical Application or Request for Leave of Absence (DOC)
Request for Sabbatical Leave to be Taken Early (DOC)
Sabbatical Salary Enhancement Table (PDF)

Tenure and Promotion:
External Referee Invite Letters-AssocProf/Prof/ExtClause/Pre-invite (DOC)
External Referee Guidelines (PDF)
External Referee Information Sheet (DOC)
Candidate Data Summary (DOC)

University Appointments Review Committee Information
Chair's Memo to the Dean
Foreign Worker Checklist (PDF)
Foreign Worker Hiring/Advertising Statements (PDF)
Visitor Appointment Letter Template - Foreign, Canadian, CPR (DOC)
Visitor Appointment Letter Template - 5 Days or Less - PC (DOTX)
Visitor Appointment Letter Template - 5 Days or Less - Mac (DOTX)

Visitor Permits and Paperwork Chart (PDF)