Where can I learn how to cook international dishes in Kitchener-Waterloo?

One of the main objectives of Renison Food Services is to be something more than  a place where our community comes to just get a meal, a snack or a simple beverage. We strive to be a service that provides knowledge and opportunities to learn from each other about food. Through once a month online cooking classes, participants will explore the world by learning how to make international dishes!

The recipe for the month’s demonstration will be released approximately a few days prior to the cooking class. (Each kit/recipe is designed to feed 4 people). 

Open to anyone (18 years of age+ OR with parental consent) in the community, register today!

PLEASE NOTE: Cooking classes are not currently available.

Upcoming Classes (Online)

We are not currently delivering Renison's International Cooking Classes. 

Meet our head chef and instructor

Tim Farley, Head Chef and Instructor

Tim is a Red Seal certified chef and graduate of the Stratford Chefs School. He has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Through these many years of running different size operations as an Executive Chef, Corporate Chef and now Food Services Manager, Tim has developed a passion for engaging people through food.

It has been Renison Food Services (RFS) mission under Tim's leadership to provide top quality food service to the student and staff here at Renison. They have made it their focus to produce as much product in house as possible, while sourcing local and sustainable suppliers to support their work.

Tim has had the good fortune to work in many different styles of food and bring that passion for learning new skills and techniques wherever he goes. As RFS continues to grow, Tim continues to seek out new and innovative ways to connect with our customers through the food service we provide.

When Tim is not spending his days at Renison, he is pursuing his certificate in business management and striving for a better golf game.

Fees, & Cancellation, Withdrawal & Refund Policy


Option 1: Receive recipes and ingredient list only

For $32.00 CAD (plus HST) you are registered for the class and Renison Food Services will send you the recipes required, and the ingredient list with suggestions on where to acquire these ingredients.


Option 2: Receive a kit including recipes and portioned required ingredients

For $85.00 CAD (plus HST) you are registered for the class and Renison Food Services will deliver you a kit (delivery only within Waterloo region) containing, recipes and the portioned ingredients needed for the class; you may also pick up the kit directly from Renison University College. 

You may also register for three sessions and receive a 15% discount:

Option 1 fee for all 3 courses: $81.60 CAD (plus HST)

Option 2 fee for all 3 courses: $216.75 CAD (plus HST)

Cancelation, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy

  • If a class is cancelled, the class fee will be refunded to registrants in full or they may defer their registration to the next class (deferrals can be made once).
  • Studentsmay withdraw from a class up until the registration deadline for a full fee refund. After the registration deadline, students may withdraw up until the day before the class and be refunded 80% of their paid fees. After this date, refunds will not be issued.

Requests to withdraw should be sent in writing over e-mail to cape@uwaterloo.ca.

How To Register & How To Pay (RICC)

How to register

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How to pay

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NOTE: alternative payment options may be available, please contact cape@uwaterloo.ca for more information.