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Ryan Connell
519-884-4404 x28739

Ryan is a proud graduate from the Social Development Studies program at the University of Waterloo. As your Assistant Director, Student Experience & Housing, Ryan is very knowledgeable about all of the campus services and resources available to University of Waterloo students. Ryan grew up in a small town called Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, and he is addicted to iced cappucinos from Tim Horton's. 

Some of Ryan's most popular things to talk about include:

  • All of the campus services available to you as a Waterloo student and what you are able to access to support your academic and personal success
  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student 
  • Advice for studying in an online environmentFun fact: Ryan completed his UWaterloo degree, two college certificates, and a Masters degree completely online
  • Tips for adjusting to Canadian culture and building your language skills outside of the classroom
Jen Burton
519-884-4404 ext. 28750
REN 0207

Jen is an alumna from Brock University in St. Catharine's where she studied Business Communications. As a proud Blue Jays fan, Jen is here to talk about all things baseball. You may also meet our honourary Reni-friends around Renison - Jen's children, Bryce and Hailey. As our Housing Manager, Jen is here to support students in having a meaningful residence experience.

Jen can help you with:

  • Questions related to living in Renison Residence, as well as off-campus in our local community, including Homestay
  • Support with living on your own for your first time and how to navigate the transition
  • Suggestions for effectively living with a roommate and having a fun experience in Residence 
  • How to get involved in your Renison community
Cassidy Wagler
519-884-4404 ext. 28644
REN 0208

Cassidy is a proud graduate from the University of Waterloo, where she studied Honours Peace and Conflict Studies and Honours Sociology. During her degree, Cassidy completed co-op terms with both the Renison English Language Institute and Renison Marketing & Recruitment. Cassidy's role is dedicated to ensuring our Renison residents have a phenomenal time living in Residence. 

Cassidy can help you with:

  • Questions related to living in Renison Residence, including your residence application, moving into residence, help with using the laundry facilities, getting mail, and accessing residence services
  • How to get involved in Renison Residence, including our events, Renisix Student Council, and paid leadership opportunities
  • Tips for thriving in a student residence community and making new friends 
  • Peer support related to mental health wellness and wellbeing
A.J. Dixon
519-884-4404 x28639
REN 1902

A.J. completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria with bachelor's degrees in Education and Arts. As a Student Advisor, A.J. is here to support students in our English language programs during their academic journey. 

A.J. can help you with:

  • Effective learning strategies and study habits for Canadian university life
  • Time management strategies so you can keep track of tests, assignments, and appointments
  • Effective note-taking skills and getting the most out of your courses
  • Preparing for tests and quizzes and reducing test anxiety
  • Conversation practice and sharing what he knows about Canadian history and culture
Scott McLeod
519-884-4404 x28705
REN 1108B

Rev. Scott McLeod is the Chaplain at Renison University College. Scott is a friendly face and a safe space to talk about anything and everything. Scott enjoys talking about spiritual questions, but you don’t have to talk about religion unless you want to. Some of the most popular things Scott likes to help with include:

  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student, including managing stress.
  • Guidance to student services at the University of Waterloo as well as referrals to professional medical and health services in the local community.
  • Spiritual care including acting as a spiritual director, helping students with faith questions, and valuing our spiritual lives. 
  • Pastoral care including being a listening ear, a safe person to talk to, and supporting people as they live through life's struggles.

Stefany Kraft
REN 1902 (across the hallway from the English Language Institute Hub)

Stefany Kraft is the queen of all things Renison! Stefany is a proud graduate from UWaterloo, where she double majored in Peace and Conflict Studies and Renison's Social Development Studies program. Stefany also completed her Bachelor of Social Work at Renison, where she completed her practicum in our Student Experience & Housing department as a Wellness Coordinator. During her undergraduate degree, Stefany worked as an English Language Institute Peer Leader, and volunteered extensively, including with Renison Academic Student Council (RASC) and as the student representative for Renison's Board of Governors. Stefany is here to help students have a phenomenal Renison experience. You can connect with Stefany to talk about:

  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student, including managing stress
  • Guidance to student services at the University of Waterloo and what resources are available as a Waterloo student 
  • How to get involved and make the most of your student experience at Renison 
  • Conversation practice and learning more about life in Canada