Your Renison Student Leaders

Get to know this year's team of student leaders who are here to help you have a vibrant Renison student experience!

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Renison Residence Dons 

Love house

Residence Dons live in Renison Residence and support students on their floor and in the entire residence community in their adjustment to university life and help you connect with other students to ensure you have a memorable experience.

Meet your Renison Residence Dons

Danny (Cheongho) Kim (Fall)

Don Danny

Hometown: Jeonju, South Korea

Program: Biology 

Program: Honours Arts and Business, Economics

Fun fact: I have an advanced diving certificate, and never used it since I got it.

A first-year tip: Changing your program is normal and lots of people change their programs. I wish I knew that when I was in my first year.

My favourite Renison memory: Heading back to the residence with my friends after studying at DC and randomly throwing snowballs at each other.

Amanda Roth (She/ her) (Fall &Winter)

Don Amanda

Hometown: Kitchener Waterloo (KW)

Program: Social Development Studies (SDS)

Fun Fact: I have a HUGE needle phobia! I took myself to get a tiny tattoo on my 18th birthday (thinking I wouldn’t think of it as a needle?), and it was a disaster! Ask me about it if you see me around!

First-year tip/something I wish I knew: Balance is key! While it's super important to attend lectures and stay up-to-date with content and assignments, it is equally important to take care of yourself and enjoy university! Whether your idea of self-care is going out with friends, or relaxing in bed with a good book & cup of tea, it's crucial to find a healthy balance between academics and personal life:)

 Favourite Renison memory: When I ordered a beavertail truck to the school because I was craving it… and they showed up! It was a huge success & they completely sold out.

Tejas Soni 


Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario 

Program: Mechanical Engineering 

Fun fact: A fun fact about me is that I love fun facts! Did you know most people take 10-20 minutes to fall asleep and if you take less time than that you're likely sleep-deprived. 

First-year tip: Introduce yourself to your neighbours/floormates early on! They're the people who you'll be seeing the most and it's super nice having a friend right next door. 

Favourite Renison/UW memory: Sitting down for dinner with friends every day was such a good break from studying and was always the highlight of my day at Renison.

Chloé Brideau (she/they) (Fall &Winter)

Don Chloe

Hometown: Sudbury, ON

Program: Social Development Studies

Fun fact: I'm a musician! I love everything surrounding music and can be found at the piano in the chapel during my free time.

First year tip: Go to as many events as you can! (Even if you feel they are silly... Those are the best ones) Getting out of your room and surrounding yourself with fellow residents is such a great way to get to know everyone!

Favourite Renison memory: The first time I met fellow Don Greg... It was Halloween night at nearly 2am and I had just ordered pizza when I ran into him wandering around. We ended up sitting together for hours sharing the pizza I had bought and chatting for hours. It really is the small things!

Clarissa Michaels (she/they) (Fall &Winter)

Don Clarissa

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario

Program: Double Major in Social Development Studies and Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies

Fun Fact: I like writing poetry! 

First year tip: Don’t be too shy to get involved in things that interest you! It’s an easy way to find like minded people and make friends. Getting involved in clubs and councils helped me meet new people and connected me to opportunities such as being on student council, the Board of Governors and the President’s Search Committee! 

Favourite Renison Memory: One of my favourite Renison memories is watching movies in the DFL. It’s a great way to wind down and spend time with friends.  

Cherie Ng (She/her) (Fall &Winter)

Don Cherie

Hometown: Hong Kong –

Program: Social Development Studies

Fun fact: I have never left Renison for all my major classes this school year, because all of them were held in the college classrooms!

A first-year tip: Time management is going to be an important survival skill throughout your university life! Plan your time ahead so you won’t panic when deadlines and tests approach.

Favourite Renison memory: Clearing up the ice cream tub from the caf (as you can see from one of my photos)~ Cookie N’ Cream is my personal favourite followed by Chocolate Chip N’ Mint  <3 <3 Also, the time I spent with my friends in Renison is definitely going to be my favourite memory. Don’t forget to visit Moose Room for our brand new pool table. I guarantee this will be one of your favourite spots throughout the year!

Thalia Criollo Guerrero (She/Her) (Fall & Winter)

Don Thalia

Hometown: Ecuador 

Program: Music 

Fun fact: I was born on the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin developed the theory of natural selection by observing several species of finches. The islands are also home to giant tortoises and marine iguanas. 

First-year tip: UW has many resources for you to succeed academically, professionally, individually, and socially. Take advantage of it (you are already paying for them, so why not use them). 

Renison favourite memory: The first event I ever attended at Renison was Succulents and Ice Cream. The plant died, but I still have the pot I painted. It was a great time to make friends and to make some art.

Ryan Bromley (he/him)

Don Ryan

Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario

Program: Honours Arts and Business

Fun fact: According to a study of 1, giraffes go neigh.

First year tip: drink lots of water; it's healthy and helps keep you awake.

Favourite Renison Memory: popsicle stick throwing contest

Selena (Han Yang) Zheng

Don Selena

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Program: Biomedical Science

Fun Fact: I love durians so much, to the extent that I tried to plant one in my backyard (though it died within a week).

First-year tip: After you get your class schedules, plan a weekly to-do calendar and stick to it. This will help you to find time for both academics and de-stressing!

Favourite Renison memory: Attending all the events during orientation week and the themed College Dinners at Renison.

Student Experience Peer Leaders

The Student Experience Peer Leader specifically supports all daytime degree students studying at Renison by helping you get involved in your Renison community.

Meet your Student Experience Peer Leaders!

Jasmine Ayoub

Peer Leader Jasmine

Hometown: Ajax, Ontario

Program: Climate and Environmental Change

Fun Fact: Working towards getting a certificate in youth leadership for SDG's!

First-year tip: Explore as much of campus as you can!

Favourite Renison Memory: Halloween college dinner costume contest. Everyone at Renison is so creative!

Residence Experience Peer Leaders

Residence Experience Peer Leaders support students living in Renison Residence by organizing events, workshops, and study sessions for Renison Residence. The Peer Leaders also specifically support students in the BASE, WALC, and SDS Living-Learning Communities. 

Meet your Residence Experience Peer Leader Team!

Rubee Kung (BASE Residence Experience Peer Leader)


Hometown: Taiwan

Program: Honor Arts, Psychology

Fun Fact: I am addicted to coffee and cats. I am a huge fan of Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift. Also, I can sleep 16 hours per day if the time allows.

First-year tip: Note taking skill is the most important ability. Also, don't be afraid to ask professor questions!

Favourite Renison memory: The process of preparing International fair! I make a lot of friends and having a lot of fun!

Daneka Miller (WALC Residence Experience Peer Leader) 


Hometown: Paris ON

Program: Social Development Studies (SDS)

Fun Fact: I play varsity golf for the UW women's team!

First-Year Tip: Go to events! They`re a great way to de-stress, learn new skills and make new friends!

Favourite Renison Memory: Playing the Renison famous game “Gotcha!” and having to carry a pylon around campus for weeks!

Maya Ghion (SDS Residence Experience Peer Leader)


Hometown: Toronto, ON

Program: Social Development Studies

Fun Fact: I like to do different hairstyles on myself.

First-Year Tip: Don't be afraid to reach out to your Advisors and Professors! It can be intimidating to reach out for support, but there are supports in the school that are for your use, so don't be afraid to reach out.

Favourite Renison Memory: During my role as an SDS Peer Leader we hosted a Tote Bag Painting event. It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed good music, snacks, and there were some really intricate designs! While my painting wasn't the best I still use my tote bag all the time.

Social Development Studies (SDS) Peer Leaders


Social Development Studies is a degree program offered by Renison University College. The SDS Peer Leaders help to support students in their adjustment to university life by hosting a variety of educational workshops, study sessions, social sessions, networking events with Faculty, as well as one-on-one peer support.

Meet your SDS Peer Leader team!

Student Experience Program Assistants (co-op)

Our Student Experience Program Assistants are co-op positions that support behind-the-scenes in the success of many Renison events, as well as assisting with many administrative projects such as airport bus pick-up for international students, supporting in data management, and various special projects.

Meet your Student Experience Program Assistant

Izabell Piattelli


Hometown: New Hamburg

Program: Therapeautic Recreation

Fun Fact: I grew up on a performance dance team and even travelled to Spain to perform at festivals there.

First-year tip: Prioritize spending time with yourself and your loved ones and be sure to make time for your hobbies in your schedule.

Favourite Renison/UWaterloo Memory: I don't have many Renison memories right now, but I look forward to making many over my time here!

English Language Institute (ELI) Peer Leaders

Our English Language Institute (ELI) Peer Leaders provide specific support for English language learners studying in our Renison English Language Institute. The Peer Leaders provide one-on-one support and conversation practice for students, host educational workshops and fun social events, as well as facilitating bus trips to destinations across southwestern Ontario. 

Meet your ELI Peer Leader team!

Tisa Mushani

Hometown: Lilongwe, Malawi

Program: Honours Arts, Social Development Studies

Fun Fact: My choice of sport is competitive walking.

First-year tip: Work hard, keep on top of things, but also allow yourself to just breathe. The world won't collapse if you rest for one moment.

Favourite Renison/UW memory: A strawberry picking event hosted by Renison!

Karina Fu


Hometown: Panama

Program: Honours Economics

Fun Fact: I know this would sounds weird, but I can only drive barefoot.

First-year tip: Don't be afraid to reach out for support/help from your peers and professors.

Favourite Renison memory: I have so many good memories in Renison, but the one I will never forget is that snowy day when out of nowhere my friend and I decided to have a small snowball fight in Renison's garden.

Wallis (Chuhua) Zeng


Hometown: China & Panama

Program: Honours Arts and Business, Economics Major

Fun Fact: I can speak 5 languages!

First-year tip: Don't be shy, go outside to explore and make friends!

Favourite Renison/UW memory: I really emjoy participating in different events hosted by Renison/UWaterloo!

Zhiying (May) Zhang

May Zhang

Hometown: Shanghai

Program: Honours Arts and Business

Fun Fact: I get up before 8:30 every morning to have breakfast!

First-year tip: Don’t feel frustrated if you can’t understand what profs are talking, go to office hours!

Favourite Renison memory: Lying on couch at the Renison Atrium and do nothing.

Renison Academic Student Council Executive

Renison Academic Student Council (RASC) is responsible for providing support to students studying in our academic degree programs at Renison. RASC helps to advocate for the needs of our student community, while being represented on Renison's Board of Governors and Academic Council. 

Meet your RASC executive!

Tisa Mushani


Role: Co-President 

Program: Social Development Studies  

Hometown: Lilongwe

Favourite Renison Memory: Renison organised trip to Toronto!

Deanna Rooke (she/they) 


Role: Co-President 

Hometown: Waterloo, ON

Program:  Social Development Studies

Fun Fact: The first music album I ever bought was Aerosmith's "Get A Grip"... on cassette.

First-year tip: Get involved and learn about all the resources available to help students succeed.

Favourite Renison memory: My favourite memory is easily the very first day I set foot on campus. It was the day before classes started and I had missed orientation. I met someone who was willing to show me how to find my classroom for the next day and gave me a campus tour. Their warmth, kindness, and willingness to help proved I chose the right place to continue my education.

Adam Janssen


Role: Student Experience and Events Rep 

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario

Program: Honours Science and Business

Fun Fact: I have a dog named Jasper and a cat named Evie!

First-year tip: There are so many amazing people at Renison who can help you if you are ever in need, all you have to do is ask!

Favourite Renison Memory: The most important moments for me since I have been at Renison have been making new friends!

Maya Ghion     

Role: Co-op Rep

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Program: Social Development Studies

Fun Fact: I like to do different hairstyles on myself.

First-Year Tip: Don't be afraid to reach out to your Advisors and Professors! It can be intimidating to reach out for support, but there are supports in the school that are for your use, so don't be afraid to reach out. 

Favourite Renison Memory: During my role as an SDS Peer Leader we hosted a Tote Bag Painting event. It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed good music, snacks, and there were some really intricate designs! While my painting wasn't the best I still use my tote bag all the time.

Natalie Nichol 


Role: Admin Officer

Hometown: Atwood, Ontario

Program: Public Health and Social Development Studies

Fun Fact: I live on a dairy farm

First-year tip: Talk to your professors and TAs as they are very knowledgeable. It might be intimidating, but they really want to help you and are super friendly.

Favourite Renison memory: Sitting in SOCWK 301 and having some very interesting conversations with my fellow students. It was one of the first classes where I openly wanted to participate in discussions.

Renisix Residence Student Council Executive

Renisix Residence Student Council is a dynamic group of student leaders who help to plan fun social events for students living in Renison Residence. In the Fall and Winter terms, Renisix organizes events including Coffee Houses, Sock Dodgeball, Craft Nights, and much more. Renisix is an awesome way to make friends in Residence!

Meet your Renisix Executive!

More information coming soon!

Moose Tracks Connection Desk Assistants

Our Moose Tracks Connection Desk is a "students helping students" front desk at the college that provides support for students. Moose Tracks provides wayfinding and directions around the college, sells snacks and drinks, distributes packages for students in residence, and helps students with questions about life at the University of Waterloo and Renison. 

Meet your Connection Desk Assistant team!

Tianyu Qiu

Tianyu Qiu

Hometown: Qingdao, China

Program: Economics

Fun Fact: I have 2 cats both adopted from a rescue centre.

First-year tip: Study! Study! Study! It may give first-year students the wrong impression that university will be easy and that they should enjoy a social life that they have never experienced before. However, just from my point of view, first year helps us to get into a routine of studying at university. Don't waste it! (But also enjoy your time in uni, so spend your time wisely!!)

Favorite Renison/UWaterloo memory: Most of my university friends that I still have contact with are those that I knew from iBASE. It was a wonderful 7 weeks before my actual university program started. 

Beatrice Tjong


Hometown: Markham, Ontario

Program: Sociology

Fun fact: I have a pet schnoodle named Schnooky and a weiner dog named Maisy. I love dogs but especially dachshunds!!

First-year tip: Don't skip class!! It is so easy to get into that habit that will snowball and you will regret it!

Favourite memory: Feeding the nice ducks (not geese) around campus. 

Sheng (Jackie) Zhong


Hometown: China!

Program: Earth science, hydrogeology speciation

Fun Fact: I like collecting minerals or beautiful rocks, and I know how to play several traditional Chinese instruments (but none of them have an official English name).

First-year tip: Manage your time wisely because you won’t have another first-year.

Favourite UWaterloo Memory: In Earth 231, we went to Bancroft with my Mineralogy team and studied Carbonatite with my team. Although it's just a two-day trip, we had a lot of fun (including drinking with our instructor, observing radioactive mineral and being trapped in a mountain with no signal).

Zoey Gao

zoey gao

Hometown: China

Program: Honours Arts and Business

Fun Fact: I like dogs and I have a Shiba dog at home whose name is Natto.

First-year tip: Don't feel embarrassed or shy, feel free to ask your questions to the professor, TA, staff or classmates.

Favourite UWaterloo Memory: I ran a booth with a friend at Renison's volunteer event.

Ruier Xia


Hometown: Beijing, China

Program: Economics

Fun fact: I am participating in many activities and engaging to learn new skills.

First-year tip:

  • Gain knowledge of how to utilise various UWaterloo websites
  • Speak with an advisor about academic life
  • Recognize the academic procedures in university
  • Establish friendships
  • Participate in clubs or activities at school

Favourite Renison/UWaterloo memory: My first academic experience at the University of Waterloo was with the Rension BASE program. I became familiar with several Waterloo websites for academic research and leisure activities during that four-month time. Meanwhile, I received my first friendships and have kept up the bond until now because all of the students are in the same classes together. It was one of the most priceless experiences I had while in Rension.

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