Living-learning community

Renison's residence is home to the living-learning community for Social Development Studies (SDS)Warrior Academic Leadership Community (WALC), and the Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) living-learning community.

What is a living-learning community?

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Renison's living-learning communities are an academically supported living arrangement where SDS, WALC, and BASE students are grouped together in "clusters" in our residence.

Your friends, roommmates, and classmates are all rolled into one, which means you'll get the best of both worlds. You'll find a small, caring, place to call home that will help you focus on your studies.

In the living-learning community you:

  • live on a traditional residence floor with other SDS, WALC, or BASE students
  • benefit from the experience of upper year SDS/WALC/BASE students and learn from your peer leaders
  • meet and get to know your professors or instructors outside the classroom
  • have access to special academic sessions or success coaching sessions supported by the department

As a Renison resident you:

Students from Renison living learning community

  • can participate in all the residence events and have fun
  • meet people from around the world and from all of University of Waterloo's faculties
  • are supported by your Don
  • have the convenience of living where many of your classes are. Go to class without going outside!

How to apply

If you are a high school student entering the University of Waterloo this Fall, indicate that you are interested in the living-learning community for Social Development Studies or WALC on your Residence Community Ranking Form.

The BASE LLC is based on the University of Waterloo's English Language Requirement and becomes an option if you are admitted into the BASE program. 

Due dates for residence choices and deposits are listed on the "Find out more: Important dates" section of the University of Waterloo website. You will receive instructions on how to do this when you get your offer of admission to Renison at the University of Waterloo.

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