Making a mass testing scale/online study

On your Qualtrics account you will need to create your scale and name it "MT Scale - My Scale" e.g, "MT Scale - Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale" or "VT Scale - New Self-Esteem Measure" where MT means Mass Testing and VT means Validation Testing.

When finished, beside the project there is a dropdown menu under 'Action'. Select 'Collaborate' and enter the Qualtrics username ''. Allowing View and Edit options.

Notify the Research Experiences Group (REG) Coordinator (David McLean) when your MT Scale or VT Scale is shared (collaborated).

Please see the REG Coordinator for specific instructions on how to create your MT or VT scale using Qualtrics. If you don't have a Qualtrics account, please see Bill Eickmeier or David McLean for instructions.

Pre-selecting participants

Prescreen Questionnnaire

If you are pre-selecting on the basis of information on the Prescreen Questionnaire (e.g.. not Mass Testing), then you can arrange to do this when setting up your study. Ethical clearance is not required to use the PreScreen Questionnaire. Simply choose the question that you wish to pre-select on (e.g. gender), and then choose the options that you would like (e.g. female). This pre-selection works automatically in the system so that only participants who meet your criteria (those that have answered the required questions on the PreScreen) will see your study - those that do not qualify (e.g. males) will not even see your study on their list.

Mass Testing Survey

If you are using data from a scale that you submitted to Mass Testing to pre-screen participants, then you first need to analyze the data from that scale. The REG Coordinator will upload the data files once per week on the REG SharePoint site, and from this data you can create and send a "wishlist" to the REG Coordinator. The wishlist will be uploaded into SONA. As with Prescreen Restrictions, only participants who meet your criteria will be able to see the study.

Creating a wishlist

If you have other questions about SONA, please see our SONA frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or the SONA support manual.