REG dates

REG dates

  1. 2023
    1. Dec
      1. end of fall term

        Tuesday December 5th, 2023 - End of Fall Term

        SONA Studies end at 5pm Classes end on this date.

      2. University Holidays

        December 23, 2023 through January 1, 2024 - University Holidays

        The University is closed for the Holiday for this period.

  2. 2024
    1. Jan
      1. Classes Begin

        January 8, 2024 - First Day Of Classes

        Welcome back for Winter Term 2024!

SONA and Ethics training

Training will occur in the Zanna Room PAS 4053

All graduate and undergraduate students and RAs who wish to use SONA are required to use their own SONA Researcher Account. Remember that you may not log in using another researcher's account. To obtain a SONA Researcher/RA account, you must complete a training session (see below for further details).

The full researcher training session is now offered online for graduate students and Honours Thesis students (Fall 2020 term only). To register please email the Research Experiences Group (REG) Coordinator.  If you completed the RA workshop and will now be using SONA as an Honours Thesis student you will need to complete the online Full Researcher Training session.