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The University of Waterloo's Research Experiences Group (REG) coordinates the participation of Psychology students in studies being run by students and faculty members in the Department of Psychology. Psychology is one of the few areas where students can become part of the research process and have an opportunity to view firsthand the material that they are studying. It is important for Psychology students to participate in research studies - it offers you a firsthand perspective on how many of these theories and paradigms are applied in real life.

REG oversees the recruitment and participation of students, and ensures that all participants receive appropriate grade credit or pay for their participation. REG is staffed by a full-time Coordinator (David McLean), and is overseen by a Faculty Advisor (Dr. Jonathan Fugelsang).

During the first week of each term the REG Coordinator introduces REG to students and invites them to sign-up for the REG participant pool, which you can do using SONA, a website which manages your study participation.

You can also see the guidelines for participants in research studies.

If you would like to earn bonus credits, but are uncomfortable participating in research studies, then you may also complete one or more alternate assignment(s) in lieu of participation. REG does not coordinate the completion or marking of these assignments, so we encourage you to consult your class syllabus or your Psychology Instructor or Teaching Assistant for more information.

If you have any questions about any aspect of signing up or participating in research studies, please contact the REG Coordinator about it. You may also come to the REG office (PAS 3006) to speak with the REG Coordinator in person.

Also view REG frequently asked questions (FAQs) for additional information.

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