About us

We are a charitable organization associated with the Faculty of Engineering with one major objective - to foster and create enriched academic learning experiences for engineering students at the University of Waterloo by offering program activities that enhance engineering education on campus and across Canada. 

The Sandford Fleming Foundation (SFF) is a co-organizer and sponsor of the Waterloo Engineering Competition held during the Spring and Fall terms. This competition consists of the Sandford Fleming Foundation Debates, the Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical Speaking Competition, the Junior Team Design Competition, the Senior Team Design Competition, and the Engineering Consulting Competition. These competitions are used to select students to participate in the Ontario engineering competition each year.

University of Waterloo program activities

At the University of Waterloo, the Sandford Fleming Foundation partners with the professional engineering community to offer the following:

  • Sponsorships of on-campus engineering competitions

  • Awards to recognize academic excellence, leadership, and co-operative education proficiency

  • Awards to recognize teaching excellence

  • Travel grants for individuals and teams to attend conferences and team competitions

  • Scholarships to promote student participation in exchange programs

These program activities are only available to engineering students at the University of Waterloo. These activities are primarily funded by donations from Waterloo engineering students. Each term, students pay an optional fee of $6 to the Sandford Fleming Foundation to support the activities of the foundation.

National program activities

The Sandford Fleming Foundation also runs a national program of activities with the objective of enriching engineering education across Canada. The Sandford Fleming Foundation partners with other organizations and individuals to offer the following:

  • Sponsorship of the Ontario Engineering Competition,

  • Sponsorship of the Canadian Engineering Competition,

  • The Wighton Fellowship to recognize excellence in the development and teaching of laboratory-based courses, and

  • W. R. Petrie Engineering Design Award to recognized the engineering design talent at the Canadian Engineering Competition.

These program activities are primarily funded through special endowments.