Sandford Fleming Foundation Memorial Leadership Award

In recognition of the late professors Saip Alpay and Wm. C. Nichol and former Engineering students Sam Ceccerallo and Robert Elligsen.


The Memorial Leadership Award is granted to an intermediate-level undergraduate student in the Faculty of Engineering who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the faculty in the promotion of extra-curricular activities, including, but not limited to: Intramural Athletics, promotion of Engineering Society and Sandford Fleming Foundation events, competitions, etc., and for the support of associations, both on and off campus.


Nominations for this award can originate from student groups, faculty members, and others, and should document the nominee's outstanding leadership and other contributions. There is no application form.

Nominations must be submitted to the Sandford Fleming Foundation office manager. The nomination may be submitted at any time, whether the student is on campus or on co-op term, but should be submitted before the last day of the student's 3A term. Nominations should include:

A letter of Nomination by someone familiar with the nominee. This letter should contain an outline of the nominee's activities as they relate to the Award. The letter should also comment on the quality and impact of the nominee's contributions, the leadership displayed, and the attributes which distinguish the nominee from others and make the nominee worthy of this recognition. Letters of support from faculty members, students, and others familiar with each facet of the nominee's achievements and contributions.

Nominations will be considered by the Executive Committee of the Foundation which may rely almost exclusively on the documentation submitted. This meeting will occur at the beginning of October.


The Memorial Leadership Award consists of a certificate, a citation, and an award of $1,000. The award, certificate, and $1000 will be presented at the Annual Engineering Awards dinner.