¡Hola! I'm Annik. I love Latin American literature, street art, and photography.

I am a Lecturer, teaching all levels of Spanish language courses. I joined the University of Waterloo in 2017, after completing my MA and my PhD at the University of Ottawa. During my graduate studies, I focused on Spanish American narrative, and its integration in second language teaching.

I love working on a million different projects at once, often moving back and forth between my teaching and research responsibilities, and more creative endeavours. When I am not on campus, you can find me in a dark alley, looking for tags and murals, or in a coffee shop, obsessing over roasts and extraction methods. 

French author Albert Camus’s writings, Nirvana lyrics, and fictional characters Buffy Summers’s and Veronica Mars’s snappy comebacks have greatly contributed to making the person I am today.