Fall 2019

Completed Fundamentals of University Teaching program through the Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo

Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Environment and Business (ENBUS 102)
Introduction of ways in which business has and is responding to environmental and business issues; business and sustainable development; issues of corporate/business greening.

Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant, Applied Statistics for Environmental Research (ENVS 278)
This course examines further techniques for collecting, evaluating, and using data-based evidence in environmental research. It builds upon ENVS 178, with a focus on inferential statistics, including sampling distributions, confidence intervals, parametric and nonparametric hypothesis tests, and linear regression models. It further develops skills in using statistical software for data analysis and modeling of environmental data.

Spring 2016

Teaching Assistant, Sustainability Management Standards and Auditing (ENBUS 308)
Standards and auditing approaches used for sustainability management are examined. Public standards, like those from the International Organization for Standardization, are contrasted with private standards, developed by specific industries for product transparency and accountability in supply-chains. Auditing practice, as defined by the ISO 19011 standard, is examined including principles, steps, reporting and important concepts. Examples of performance standards and management system standards are explored, covering industrial, social and environmental issues. Lectures may be supplemented by required field trip(s) and/or field work.

Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, Environment and Business Project (ENBUS 402A)
The application of the principles learned in earlier courses will focus on a particular project. Applications may include group projects of sufficient scope to demonstrate mastery of problem-solving, integration and communication on a selected topic related to environment and business, or on selected environmental issues related to a specific business operation.